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Thread: The fever.(bucks).

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    The fever.(bucks).

    Having a friend down from Scotland staying local in his caravan for his annual easter break, we were out last night on our annual outing.
    Dick is a very accomplished shot taking 100's of roe in his career.
    Well to cut a long story short right on dusk having seen only glimpses of deer we would stalk along the woodland edge to see if anything had emergered.
    It had a massive buck (the closest thing I've seen to a medal this time was stood broadside at about 140m's we could get closer so we did after a nice stalk we were about 100m's and now the light was going.
    I readied the sticks for a kneeling shot. The buck had fed out a little and was still broadside.
    Dick refused them saying he would shoot prone but with no rest.
    O.k. I said if you wish.
    I crawled out behind his foot so I could "glass" down the side of his rifle.
    The buck was still perfect, Dick readied hisself and "BANG" (no mod hence capitals. LOL.)
    The buck dipped and ran into the field to stand and bark.... A complete miss by about 4 inch to his right (Good job he was stood that way or it would have been near his back leg).
    Dick reloaded but there was no backstop, so the buck kept barking and eventually another big bodied buck (it was to dark now to assess his head) jumped into the field and chased him off!!!
    We went to the "strike" and in the bank was Dicks bullet hole.
    "Ach" he said "never had a buck like that in my sights, got the fever".
    So not posting this for any embarrasment to dick he doesn't visit here, just to say that even very experienced shots under certain circumstances get bucks fever.
    What he should have done is calmed down the deer didn't know we were there.
    Just thought this might reassure a few newbies to our glourious sport.
    regards John
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    Easy to get the shakes on anything I find! Just have to settle yourself into the shot and take it when you're ready.

    Probably three best things I've ever been told / read are:

    1. Don't wait, as soon as you see the cross hair still on the right place, pull the trigger.

    2. Looking down the scope, close your eyes, put your head down and decide your not going to do it. Then change your mind, open your eyes and Bang!

    3. A quote I heard by Ronnie O'sullivan I think quite relevant at times, "Pressure is a situation that exists only in your mind."

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    when i first started stalking i did suffer from the shakes! however after a few large scale culls the nerves are a thing of the past, well where the deer are concerned, its JOE PUBLIC that gives me the shakes. confidence and practice is key. if you only take 5 or 6 deer a year then i doubt you will ever get over your shakes. if your taking 200+ a year then i would start to get alarmed if your shaking to such an extent you miss or even worse injure a deer.

    At least in this case it was a clear miss, no harm done.


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    If i ever get shakes i just wait and watch the deer for a while(aslong as it hasnt seen me).after watching it for a bit and forgetting the shot the heart rate comes back down then raise rifle and bang

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    Hi John..

    I dont think you necessarily have to be on a buck to get the heart rate and lungs pounding..

    Ive been out and at times even just walking on a flat piece of ground taking up the stalk the excitement and adrenalin have taken over and its all you can do just to try and control your breathing..

    Im hoping thats something that doesnt necessarily have to change despite however many deer youve taken..

    Be a shame to not feel that excitement and adrenalin rush...

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I think if you ever loose that adrenalin rush then its time to take up golf!! which of course is a waste of a good walk!!

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    I find i still have to calm myself down a bit if i've had to stalk in and the adrenalins been building,i try to compose myself a bit before getting set up and then not spend to long over making the shot,after the shot i normally shake like a leaf for a bit ,time to sit down and have a fag.If its a quick shot thats presented itself and i don't have time to think to much my reactions are pretty quick and the shakes don't come into it untill after the shot then its fag time again i'm afraid as i get a super rush,don't matter whether its a buck or a doe same thing happens,i hope it don't ever go away as thats what its all about isn't it.

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    I have been there just like many more and i'm sure i will be again,welldone for the honest post I hope your freind has his chance at the buck again

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    Skippy1001... It sounds like you might be needing some help some time! 200+ is serious stuff!

    More seriously, I still enjoy the nerves that build up as you edge ever closer to the deer. Hopefully they wont stop. Certainly like Dawnraider I also get a shot of adrenaline after the shot.

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