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Thread: .243 mod 1/2unf thread wanted

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    .243 mod 1/2unf thread wanted

    as titled what have you. local only please

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosa View Post
    as titled what have you. local only please
    Local to where? JC

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    northumberland, north east (sorry i thought it would have been next to name)

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    Sorry can't help with the Moderator, but spotted your location straight away.
    I often wonder why some have and some don't.
    How about it MODs, can a site user be asked/reqired to give a 'general area' of habitat.
    It would make it a lot easier for readers to decide whether they can help a poster or not.

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    Yes, I can see the location now but i'm sure it wasn't there earlier. Maybe I was having a Senior Moment! JC

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