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Thread: My first buck

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    My first buck

    A BIG THANK YOU,,, This is a special thank you to big scott and kev rem 700 plus louie the dog,,,for a fantastic weekend up north just past glasgow beautiful ground plenty of deer , i couldn,t have asked for better company out to see if i could get my first deer,I have been offered a couple of stalks before namely Colin solwaystalker,and dave 223 asked me to jump in with them as well when i first joined last year but i declined politely as either i wasn,t ready,cash etc or my gear which i,m still getting together plus still trying do do my dsc1,but this time it fell just right i had picked up my second c/f in time,just after scott gave me the invite back in march which was perfect for me for my own personal reasons,,,,and he said give the bucks time to clean off so we set a date for the first weekend in june ,,,,so i booked a room then had seven or eight weeks waiting and watching scott and kev getting in amongst the bucks,,,,Im not one for write ups but here goes,,,,First day book in then off to meet scott,,handshakes done then a chat on what was planned he left to get kev return then off to patrol what kev and scott call PARKS,to see if anything was about we tried a few places but to no avail it was very quiet!! nothing,not dismayed we said we would be back in morning 3-30am start so as to hopefully catch something still out,,,but the gods where against us the weather broke 40/50 mph winds and lashing cold rain,,,,a big change from my drive up in a t-shirt and 23deg back home,,,No deer in its right mind would be out in that,one actually did present itself only to dissapear like a ghost under some overhanging willow it stared us out for five or ten minutes but i wouldn,t shoot as neither of us could tell if it was a buck or not because it was all in shadow,so we backed away and left it in peace,,6-00pm came that evening and there where deer everywhere but all does and followers ,,,no bucks at all,,,well the pressure was on now for scott as there was only sunday morning left,well what a change bright sun no wind we hadn,t gone a hundred yards before i spotted a very nice buck very close to the car but before we could get ready he was over the wire into a deep river valley and gulley ,,,anyway not phased we carried on 3 fields further on another buck thrashing a tree like mad he went around the corner of the field nows our chance into the field following a gulley down left hand side to get opposite him and maybe a shot ,,,He had other ideas and came charging across to our side right where we where heading,,,we froze he then carried on fraying before he dissapeared into the gulley and burn we where in,,next thing he bounces out chasing a doe!! across the field zig zaging around stopping the doe from moving but she did straight towards us!! now with rifle on sticks ready he stopped turned broadside scott and kev together NOW!! bang hes hit he stumbles throught an open gatehole and dissapears from site we wait a few minutes the its louies turn ,,,we check the strike site theres blood just through the gateway theres loads more blood 20/30yds further on and louies on it hes down,,,A nice little four pointer they reakon was just going back a bit maybe fours years old? a good one to take out,,,gralloch done its then back in the car a little bit further on ,,another buck this time a lot bigger but in an awkward spot at the other end of the field ,,we couldn,t get any closer as he would wind us or see us no cover at all ,,,we would have to wait and see if he came any closer which he did slightly there was a shot on but by now the wind was playing tricks again pushing me in the back i was rocking i couldn,t get solid i thought at one point right this is it fired!! a clean miss just underneath him scott saw the water spray! bugger!! Unshaken we watched the buck bounce away unperterbed over one fence then another we watched him go,,,then we went and checked the shot strike to confirm it was a miss ,it was a clear ground strike just in front of where the buck was stood,,,So then we called it a day and made our way back its over,,,,at this point i would just like to say if anyones lucky enough to live/work/hunt in that area or gets the chance to go out with scott or kev ,they both have their own grounds they wont be dissapointed i definately wasn,t i,m still buzzing the boys did good!!!and i cant thank them enough and not just for getting me my first deer they no the reasons,,,,,THANK YOU,,,,Regards doug,, ps even R/D asked me to go up last year to be covered in ticks and keds but i declined as i wasn,t sure if there where any sexual connotations behind it,sorry alex couldn,t resist ,atb doug,
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    Haaaaalllleeeeeelllluuuuuaaaa !!!! Well done.

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    christmas at Doug,s has arrived ,well done to all involved this is what makes S.D.a great site to be on

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    Really pleased for you
    SD has some really genuine members

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    very true, cheers j/d,regards doug,

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    Well done.
    SD generosity at it's best.

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    thanks arwell it sure is,,regards doug,

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    Well done!

    Now treat yourself to a nice fresh plug of the finest a fox can have:


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