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Thread: Butchery advice please - Muntjac haunch dissection for pan frying cuts

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    Butchery advice please - Muntjac haunch dissection for pan frying cuts


    I could use some advice on butchering muntjac haunch for steaks/pan frying cuts please.

    Haunch dissection I - The Stalking Directory Photo Gallery

    Can anyone identify which muscle and cut is shown in my photo? Cocktail sticks mark the raw piece on one haunch and the butchered pieces from the other haunch.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Haunch_dissection_I.JPG 
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    I have a friend who hunts in NZ and as you know, carcass extraction is rarely possible. He cuts off the "tasty bits", then hikes out. Back straps are taken, obvioulsy, but he always takes the "Football steak".

    Is that what I have shown here? Is this Rump?

    I like to butcher my muntjac haunchs into as many small frying steaks as possible. The kids would eat it every day, and it is a nice entry level piece for giving to sceptical friends. (I don't want to give away all of my butterfly loin steaks.)

    Many will think it is too much bother, but I like to disassemble the haunch (with as little knife work as possible) when preparing for dice, so that I can trim out the sinew and vessels properly, so it isn't much more work, in my view.

    I have more questions like these, if you'll indulge me, all in the member's gallery. I'd value knowing what each muscle is called and what would the steak cut be called, if anything? Any advice on cooking quality would be welcome too.

    I think that I need advice from someone who is a cross between Quincy MD and Delia Smith. I'm sure that they are out there.

    Thanks in advance


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    Try and get in touch with Berg on here, he is a butcher and runs courses on butchering Muntjac, sure he will tell you straight away.

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    The muscle that the cocktail stick is in is called the Quadriceps Femoris. This is made up of four heads (hence quadriceps) there is the Rectus femoris closest to the hip joint, and the three vasti muscles, medialis, intermediate and lateralis. In other words medial (towards middle of body) Lateral (on outside) and then intermediate (the bit in the middle). This is why when you have cut them there is the two layers of sinew running through them as it is really three muscles as one. The exact location of the cocktail stick is in the lateral vastus muscle. All of these muscles collectively are called Knuckle as a cut but sometimes the rectus muscle (higher up in the middle) can be called sirloin tip.


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    Cheers Big Ears.

    Well, I did ask. I feel a bit like this bloke now:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks to all who have helped so far. It is much appreciated.

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    Check out this fella he explains it really well you will soon be on your way

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    The French butcher in this way so I was told the technique is called pave ( might be a funny dash thing like in pate)
    Don't know what the terms for each muscle are but do the same more steaks and mince the rest.
    You may find out if you google the names on a leg of beef
    Hope that helps

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    I recommend you get the book by Nichola Fletcher ultimate venison.
    In there is recipes, illustrations of butchering and what each muscle is called and used for.
    It's a great book probably only about £15 second hand on Amazon tried pasteing a link. Something you'll keep and keep going back to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shakey jake View Post
    The French butcher in this way so I was told the technique is called pave ( might be a funny dash thing like in pate)
    Pave as in pavement. Like a cobble. Pave Rue = cobbled road


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    The BDS do a skin/butcher/cook DVD with leading chef/stalker Mike Robinson who explains the Pavé venison steak.

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    There are also some excellent YouTube videos free!

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