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    I am contemplating getting myself a rangefinder as I have found that my estimating of distance is abismal.

    Could I ask for recommendations please for budget end recommendations that display distance on the screen.



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    I bought a Leica LRF600 second-hand from an SD site member. It's excellent and I can highly recommend it. You might want to advertise a "Wanted" for a rangefinder in the Classifieds section and see what comes up?

    I don't tend to use the rangefinder a lot, but when you need it it's invaluable. For example, last Friday I used it as I was out with a client and we were visiting a piece of our ground that was new to me (I don't personally 'own' the permission, I am a retained stalker). From the tree where we stood to the woodland edge I could ping the distance at a shade under 200 yards. Knowing the capabilities of the client, this then allowed me to identify where the deer needed to be before a shot was feasible. I have stalked this ground for the last 10 years but not this particular field, so having the rangefinder took away any guesswork.

    Would it be worth buying a rangefinder just for this, no, but it does serve as a useful example. Other times I have used it are for pinging distances from a high seat. In Scotland I use it a lot more.

    BTW, in the field we saw 4 roe, 5 muntjac, a fox and a barn owl. Sadly the only ones close enough to offer a theoretical shot were the last two. We didn't shoot the fox (at 10 metres, and it never saw us) as there was a nice, clean, 6 point buck in the field at the same time.

    That's stalking.....

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    I recently bought a leica rangemaster 1200 CRF Y , I thorougly recomend it, much better than the bushnell I had.

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    Got a Leica 800 CRF - Y, from MAcleods of Tain.

    Good quality glass and a 7x magnification, with range displayed in the screen.

    I have already ranged distances of 980 yds and that was on a slightly misty morning.

    Wandered one of my permissions the other evening and ranged a number of key locations to make deciding upon a shot/deciding bullet drop easier.



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