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Thread: H380 in Hampshire

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    H380 in Hampshire


    any one one got any H380 they are willing to sell. Preferably a whole tub but anything considers. I can get almost anywhere in hants.


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    As a back stop, I think I might have a tub with just a few rounds out in my reloading kit (which is currently in storage). I'll have a look. I'll be in the county in a fortnight's time. Like I say, a potential backstop.
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    Hi eric

    that would be great. I'll keep looking but at this rate it's not looking good so may well take you up on that. Thanks


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    Just outside Hants in Christchurch TAL arms say they have it in stock on their site

    Hodgdon Powders for Reloading

    However I would ring Andre first to check

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    They had it at Greenfields, Salisbury, not Hampshire I know, but close, cheers

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    If you get stuck I have some in Bournemouth! (Well, we used to be Hampshire! They even played county cricket at Dean Park!)

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