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Thread: Nightforce Riflescope SHV 4-1456 SFP Hunting

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    Nightforce Riflescope SHV 4-1456 SFP Hunting

    anyone have any real world experience with this scope, thinking of getting one for stalking, i currently have a vortex viper 6.5x20x50 which is a nice scope but better suited on my varmint gun i think

    i know nightforce have an awesome rep but this is a new line


    thanks in advance
    7mm-08 of course!

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    Nightforce might have an awsome reputation for making target and long range scopes that are solid and dependable.

    But Nightforce arent renowned for having top glass or having superb optics with great low light abilities ( very useful for hunting ).

    From my experience of ownng two scopes from their NXS range, the FOV wasnt great , and they fell apart at low light , when compared to the euro scopes.

    My Meopta 6-24x56 was far better than either of the NXS's that I have owned. And the Ziess 6-24 victory kicked it it to the weeds.

    I havent looked through there new range - but I if it were me , I would go for the time and field proven optics of Zeiss , S&B , Swarovski , Karles or Meopta.


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    i run 2 of the SHV 5-20x56 with moar ret .
    one is on a .223 tikka tacticle the other on a custom 300 winmag
    yes it doesnt have the glass of the ATACR but for a allround scope it does everything i need it to .
    and for the money they are very good value.

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