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    What Jacket

    Gents i am looking to purchase a new jacket and narrowed it down to 2 just cant make my mind up would like some off your thoughts.
    Nomad Stealth Tweed Hooded Smock
    SwedTeam Kenton Parka HWG

    Thanks Alan

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    Hi Alan,

    out of thoose two I would go with the Nomad. I have a quadrider (I think) jacket and its great. I would also recomend you look at Swazi Tahr jackets from NZ. They get very good press. The tweed that Nomad are using looks very good as camo goes for the open hill. I wish i had gone for the Longer smock rather than the Short jobbie.

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    The nomad stuff is very good......although not good in the breathability dept!! and the tweed colour is a tad too light for general use, it's well suited to the hill but stands out in woodland.
    The kenton parka would be a better bet...although the goretex paclite material is quite feeble compared to normal goretex so be very careful of getting it torn.
    I have the beretta dwp jacket in goretex realtree ap, which i have to say is a very good jacket indeed!!! it's packed with useful features and is great for allround work as it's quiet in the woods and and sturdy enough for the hill, with good pocket storage and a hood system that takes some beating. The only fault i found is that i find it too hot in nice weather...but half of that is due to me being a radiator on legs!!.
    Out of the two that you have decided on i would go for the kenton....mainly for the fact that it can be used as a layering system in cold weather...yet cool on its own in hot weather.
    Have a look at the beretta jacket before you make a final decision...200 will get you one either off ebay or from crockharts at blairgowrie or even Shaun at borders gunroom should be able to get you one.



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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Steve i never even gave the Beretta jacket a thought!! The nomad looks a nise jacket but as you say better suited to the hill,witch im not doing.So i ordered the beretta dwp from ebay 180 delivered witch i think was a good price and a bit cheaper than the kenton parka.

    Once again thanks for input


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    good choice!.....let me know your thoughts on the jacket when you get it, although i'm sure you won't be disappointed!! word of advice with it......take the straps off the inside as you'll soon get fed up of shoving them through the arm hole as you go to put the jacket on



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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen magson View Post
    crockharts at blairgowrie

    There's a shop and a half! Between Crockart's and Kate Fleming's I've spent many a happy hour (and a bob or two) in Blairgowrie!


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