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Thread: Hertel & Reuss 25-60x60 Spotting Scope

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    Hertel & Reuss 25-60x60 Spotting Scope

    Just bought my 1st spotting scope. Was on a low budget but picked up a real bargain. A Hertel & Reuss 25-60x60 spotting scope with superb German optics. Wasnt sure how clear the optics would be and it was a purchase off Ebay. A real quality bit of kit, nice tight draw and crystal clear and sharp viewing.

    Anyone considering buying a scope and not wanting to pay big money should seriously consider one of these.

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    They really are very good indeed for the money, though there are also some people on ebay looking well over the odds for them. I think I know which one you got and it did look like a decent scope but was right at the top end of realistic money for them so glad it is good quality and working well for you. There is still one on there at nearly twice sensible money for the scope, plus the seller makes no comment at all about the glass in the advert so I suspect you got the better of the two. For a while there were lots of them, and Nickels, on ebay but there are not so many about at present.

    I've a sort of passing interest in them and have a 30X60 Optolyth and the truth is that the Optolyth would have cost a lot more cash and not really given much advantage in normal "spotting scope" use so your budget probably didn't limit you at all, I've used the Hertel and Reuss as well. Equally more modern spotting scopes are either unsuitable for our purpose or not significantly better than what you've got, in normal use, so you are ahead. Also in many situations the Hertel and Reuss or Nickels are simply more practical than the 30X80, or even 30X75, Optolyth as they are lighter, smaller, easier to carry and also slightly longer when extended making it easier to get a good rest with them.

    I got a cheap Hertel and Reuss for the cottage my girlfriend rents (didn't want to put big money into something that might walk or get damaged) and although the draw is a bit loose the performance at reasonable magnifications is good. It must be said that I think the 60X magnification is a bit optimistic :-)

    One thing that might be useful is that the Glasgow binocular repair people in Hope St. can do most work on these scopes and will do a service and clean for reasonable money, it doesn't sound like yours needs it but it is always an option if there is a bit of dust or fungus on the elements.
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    Thanks for the info. I was half thinking about where to get it cleaned if I needed to so thats great to know. I paid a 100 for it which I thought was a fair price. But some u see have sold in the past for 200+ which seems a bit strong.

    Almost went for an Optolyth but was going to be pushing my pocket!!

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    I also picked up a Hertel & Reuss off eBay at the end of last year for 98. It's a nice bit of kit with the case & is all I will ever need for my purposes. However a good clean & service is required.

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    Just out of interest. How good are the optolyth scopes for clarity?

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    I would say that in general use the optical quality of the Optolyths are similar to the Hertel and Reuss. They have a bigger front element so let more light in and there might be a bit better/sharper image so under some circumstances I'd guess there might be an advantage but the difference is so small that in normal daylight use (and I suspect that is what most spotting scopes are used for) I'd say that the Optolyth on 30X mag and the Hertel and Reuss on 30X mag are basically interchangeable. Put them side by side in ideal conditions and perhaps some people could tell the difference but add in some heat haze, or mist plus a less than ideal rest and a gusty wind and in practical terms there is nothing to chose between them optically. I do think that once you go much above 30X mag with the Hertel and Reuss then things go a little bit downhill but the Optolyth is fixed mag so you can't really compare the two.

    I feel that eye position is not so critical with the Optolyth as with the H&R but because the H&R is longer, and therefore easier to rest on a leg or knee when lying up to spy, this advantage is pretty much negated by the H&R being slightly easier to use in the field. Also the 60mm front element in the H&R results in a much lighter and smaller scope when in its case and that "ease of use" factor is worth considering - I'd suspect that for many people who carry a scope in the field the H&R might be more manageable and a more practical proposition.
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    Thanks for that as I was torn between the two!!

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    Just when I thought that there were no more bargains to be had on e-bay, I just received a Hertel & Reuss 25-60x60 for the princely sum of 24.50, including postage. The seller had advertised it as "Vintage German Scope" and it certainly looks quite old, but optically it's not bad at all. It doesn't have the clarity of my Swaro CTC 35X70 or the field of view, but for less than 25 quid I can't quibble and it should be useful once I get it cleaned up.

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