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Thread: Load for N140 in 243 with 100gn Speer spbt????

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    Load for N140 in 243 with 100gn Speer spbt????


    my current 243 load uses h380 which I am now really struggling to get hold of. I have plenty of N140 that I use for my 308 load. Is n140 to fast for 100gn heads? I don't have any rfd's near by that stock vhit or hodgens. Has anyone used n140 with 100gn heads? I would prefer to stick with my current load as it shoots well but if I can't get h380 needs must.


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    I have just had a look at my Speer manuals #14 and #13. Speer re-evaluated the .243 in the #14.

    Their top four loads are N560, Reloder 22, IMR 4831 and Reloder 19.

    The #13 lists H450, IMR4831, IMR4320 and Reloder 19 as the top four.

    So if you have an Alliant (Reloder) powder stockist nearby, then R22 is an option.

    For several years, when I used the bullet you are using, I successfully used N160. However I share your suspicion that N140 would be too fast for the 100 grain in the .243.
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    N140 is really too fast for 100 grain bullets. Case fill at max book load is quite low. However it drives 75 grainers very well indeed.
    Reloder 19 or 22 will do the business for the 100 grain bullets. The R22 is what I've used for years on 100 & 105 grain.
    Ramshot Hunter is a good 100 grain choice (It's a fairly cheap powder too which is good news).
    Reload Swiss RS70 is also good for 100 grains.

    Load safe!


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    as others have pointed out n140 is to fast with 100gr bullets I have tried it and I also understand your frustration in trying maintain your powder preference . I gave up on powders from the USA long ago due to availability issues . go down the European powder route I now use vit 165 in my 243 and I have never had a problem getting it and its also a lot cheaper than powders from the USA try. vit 160 works well with 100gr bullets

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    h414 and mag cci's work well for 100gr pro-hunters

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    Viht N160 for 100g,
    have a look at
    I have loads if you need some Rob

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