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Thread: shooting them as they cross the boundary!

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    shooting them as they cross the boundary!

    what do you guys think about shooting bucks as they cross the boundary? ethical or not - after all, they are wild animals and if on your ground, you have the right.

    perhaps its a runty buck, next years medal head, or record breaker - thoughts please?

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    Going which way on or off your ground and can you confirm when shot it will not run onto your neighbours ground.

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    Hi Gary
    Depends on what the set up is next door, if we had a good working relationship and the buck lived on his patch 90% of the time I'd probably leave him alone.

    But I have called Roe from over the boundry where no management is in place.

    We leave most of our mature Fallow bucks but as for does and young males if they are a foot our side they are fair game.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    Going which way on or off your ground and can you confirm when shot it will not run onto your neighbours ground.
    coming on, look at the signature - we dont do runners!

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    You seem to have missed an option:

    "Only yes if neighbour isn't watching"

    In my case I can think of a couple of occasions where I've not shot a buck during the rut that was just the wrong side of the boundary and, despite calling, wouldn't come over to "the dark side". One particular roebuck, an absolutely cracking six pointer, stood about 15 yards the other side and barked at me for approaching 10 minutes. It was incredibly exciting, incredibly frustrating, but I'm still happier to have left him there than shot him.


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    It depends on the ground. On on of my bits the next door stalker is a mate, without him I wouldnt have the ground at all, so I leave them. On my Scottish patch nodody manages the deer on the next door farm (yet ) so I would take them given the backstop etc.

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    I have a small piece of ground which on the west side has a fence this being the boundary. Over the fence is open grazing fields. A guy I know has the stalking on this ground. Not a single tree on his ground at all. I have seen him standing leaning on the boundary fence waiting deer to cross over.
    This guy used to have the stalking on my ground but gave it up. Not exactly fair but what can you do.

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    I guess if unfortunately you only have a small piece of ground as i do, then once its over the boundary its fair game.. Especially as its the FC on the other side of the fence..

    I assume most people with relatively small pockets of land unless working alongside neighbours wont have a management plan..

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    No for me, I will not take the shot into somewhere I have no permission.

    If the beast is on ground I have permission then fine, no problem.

    Was presented with this dilemma the other day, 7 fallow 70 mtrs on wrong side of fence line, they were left alone.

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    If it's feet are on your ground , then yes

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