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Thread: Sako A7 One Piece Weaver Rail.

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    Sako A7 One Piece Weaver Rail.

    I am looking to replace to replace the 2 weaver mounts screwed to the A7's receiver with a one piece mount hopefully in steel and would be appreciate if anyone knows where I can buy one.


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    I went down the custom route and Neil Mckillop recently made one for me to fit the Sako A1 .20Prac he'd built for me a couple of years ago....... lovely.

    In a pair of optilocks, the objective of my Zeiss 6-24x56 had an ideal couple of mm clearance to the barrel and as you can see that clearance hasn't suffered unduly in a pair of Recknagel 9.5mm QR's - I 'might' have been able to get away with the lower 5mm rings but for the somewhat bulky under turret housing on the 'scope which I think measures 5.5/6mm. The 9.5's were necessary on my Tikka's 595 reversed EGW rail to clear the ocular housing.

    A closer alternative to you might be John Carr at Resolution : HOME - Heard good things about him.


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