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Thread: Bullets sticking in seating die

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    Bullets sticking in seating die

    It's not a major issue, but one which is a little annoying and time consuming.....

    I use a redding seating die (and redding press) for reloading .308win.
    i have used the same die and press for a while now and reloaded probably a couple of hundred rounds with no issues.

    Until recently I was reloading hornady interlock 150grn bullets and had no issues at all. I have now started loading 168 nosler ballistic silver tips.

    the issue I am experiencing with the BST bullets is, I push the bullet into the case as normal but when I raise the lever the bullet seems to stick just slightly in the die. Not so much that I can't easily raise the lever.

    if I then measure the coal of the assembled round it will be up to 5 thou over length. If I then replace the round in the press and press it with the seater die a couple of time it will seat the bullet deeper (usually to my desired coal or very close to).

    is it an incompatibility between the shape of the seater die and these particular bullets?

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    A way to see what is happening is to lightly "blue" the front of your bullet (a felt pen is ok for this) & load the bullet into the case as normal. Then look at the bullet & you should see the witness mark ring where it is getting the thrust contact in the die. If you don't get a witness ring , take the plug out of the die & spin it in your fingers whilst lightly pushing the blued bullet into the hole. Work out where that contact point is then polish the seater hole a bit in the seating plug whilst spinning it in a drill chuck. Fine emery cloth rolled up works well normally. You shouldn't need to take off much material to change the way the bullet sticks in the plug. Do it a little at a time so you don't take off too much metal.
    There is probably a sharp edge in the plug that is digging into that particular bullet a bit like a ratchet.
    Plastic tipped bullets are particularly soft just below the plastic to copper line & can deform very easily on loading.


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    Thanks Ian, I'd have to get a white pen though as these bullets are black lol.
    although the bullets are black the finish is Matt.....
    after seating (and the sticking etc) there is a polished ring around the bullet just ahead of the ogive, where I'd expect the seater to contact the bullet.

    there were no problems with jornady interlocks so not sure it's a problem with the die rather than the particular way the die contacts the nosler bullets?

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    Mike - you have your witness mark - just spin polish the corresponding area on the seater plug & you should change its behaviour without screwing up its performance on the Hornady bullets.

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    Ok thanks will give it a go!
    was hoping to not have to take the die apart as I'll have to re set the depth but hey ho.....

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    Looking at a 7.65 x 53 AM I've got it seems that the Redding nose-punch is shaped internally to a bullet profile.

    I think this is actually matching & is totally compatible with the ogive of the bullet you're using. It's clutching the nose of the bullet on initial seating. When it's fully seated the neck then exerts maximum grip, which is overcoming the previous embrace on your next downward dab.

    Most other makes are parallel sided so don't have any kind of grip. The edge of the cup is sometimes quite sharp (like Lyman) which puts a noticeable mark ring at point of contact when 'tough seating' bullets .... like forcing flat-based into tight case necks.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Micrometer Seat Stems for Standard Dies - Redding Reloading Equipment: reloading equipment for rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers and SAECO bullet casting equipment

    There are two types of seating stem are available for Redding seating dies. It may be that your new bullet will work better with the VLD stem. However Yorric's instructions above may well resolve your issue.



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    Ok update!!

    have done as Yorric suggested and disassembled the die to check for burrs. None were apparent (I polished the plug anyway though) and in fact the bullet doesn't contact the plug at the end, rather it makes contact at some point within the plug (therefore I think we can discount a rough edge causing the problem).

    im wondering if jcs is on the right track with this one.....
    anyone know of a supplier where I can get a vld plug?

    ps the charge in the rounds where the bullets were sticking is slightly compressed, I'm wondering if the extra force required (although only minimal) is enough to cause the buckets to stick in the plug?
    the bullets don't seem to stick on dummy rounds with no charge!!!

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    Try spud mty he may have an insight who do's them

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    Have you considered that the cases may need annealing and as a result are not sizing down on the neck sufficiently to give some retention to the bullets.
    How many times have they been fired and reloaded?

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