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Thread: MAE T12 Scout for .25-06?

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    MAE T12 Scout for .25-06?

    I am considering an MAE T12 Scout for my .25-06 and have spoken to JMS who tell that it will be ok but not the quietest mod and may not meet noise at work regs. I Have had an Atec Maxim and currently have a Hardy Gen 1V which I will keep but am looking for a more elegant mod that will withstand load development. Does anyone else here use a T12 Scout on a 30-06 based case? Would be grateful for a first hand account of suppresion on this class of cartridge. Thanks

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    My mate uses a scout on his Sako 85 in 30-06. It's proofed to and seems to work as well as any other moderator I've heard. I can't think you'll hear any real difference to the Maxim. The tone of the shot may change because the scout it stainless while the Maxim in aluminium but both will do the job well enough. I'd think it'll be heavier than the Maxim though.



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    Thanks Mac, The weight is less of an issue it is really whether the moderator is relatively effective. I dont want to compromise on the weight if it doesnt do a half decent job of moderation though.

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    I have just commented on another thread about this

    my 300WM came with an ATEC Maxim so I have a direct comparison with it and the current T12 it wears
    T12 is much better sound attenuation than the Maxim, its heavier I would guess but not noticeable

    what is noticeable is the diameter which is more of an issue to me

    I have a T12 scout with a 6.5mm bore that I used on a .243 to great effect. very quiet
    am sure if you ran .25 through it you would see an even better result! but its very tight and a lot more powder

    the scout seems nose heavy compared to the T12, both on shorter than factory barrels the weight is further back on the full model

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    Thank you for your reply. As you say the narrow diameter of the MAE is one of its attractions to me too. I have tried one on the rifle in the shop to get a sense of the ballance etc which seems fine so it is really about its effectiveness and so it sounds that I dont need to worry too much.

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