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Thread: Stock refirbishment

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    Stock refirbishment

    How easy is it to change an old stock from a varnish type of finnish to an oiled finish
    Can you recommend and products for this.


    In advance
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    You’ll need the following as a minimum for the painful part that is striping and prep:-

    1. A strong varnish stripper.
    2. Latex gloves.
    3. Safety goggles.
    4. Old toothbrush. (To get into checkering.)
    5. A supply of new Stanley blades to deploy as stripper detailer and with both pointy edges struck off by file or grinder to avoid digging into the stock as you gently drag across the stock profile to remove every last bit of recalcitrant factory finish. Indeed some finishes won’t yield to even the strongest chemical strippers and will have to be mechanically removed.
    6. Rags.
    7. Sandpaper and various size *blocks. (*Note: It is particularly important not to round-off important contour details such a she crisp edges of the cheekpiece etc. This being an unmistakable indication that a stock has been ‘played’with and so easily done if you use sandpaper freehand.)
    8. Wire wool down to 00000 grade.

    Not a job for the fainthearted but potentially rewarding:

    Good luck!

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    Thats very nice K. Your absolutely right about the prep work, it's probably 90% of the finished article. I've had a go with a couple of older shotguns which came up ok but recently had james of jager sporting arms build me a semi custom sako which was pretty much sold to me on the quality of his stock finishing, it's a beautiful piece of timber that he bought back to a lovely oiled finish and redone the chequering. He made such a nice job, I've got him to give my old sako 691.270 a makeover too. If I wasn't such a technophobe, I'd post a picture of his work. Give him a try if you don't fancy it yourself, you won't be disappointed. Atb.

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    Got a stock at pietasvenatores at the moment off the L61R he is pretty reasonable on a complete refurb .
    ive had a ebony grip cap done as well .id love to have had a go myself but it was a nice stock to begin with and I didn't want to end up with something that resembled ply ! So it went off to an expert

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    Its not hard. I have just oiled my 375hh stock. You tube has some good films and guidance on oiling a stock.
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    Hi, James at Jagersport did a superb job on my old mannlicher stock, he removed all dents and scrapes and re-finished it with oil. looks really good.



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    See my thread and pictures in "rifles " pietasvenatores did mine quality job .

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