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Thread: Chiller Conversion

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    Chiller Conversion

    Looking for some tips to mount a frame/rack inside drinks chiller to convert to deer chiller.

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    I had a small bottle chiller before i bought a blast chiller.

    I cut a stainless steel plate to fit the top of the chiller. Then made two straps, 2 x a wide T piece bent through 90 degrees just below the top of the T piece. I drilled out the top plate and top of the hanging T pieces and pop-riveted them together. This meant that I had two 1" wide straps hanging down the middle of the sides of the chiller.

    As I fitted a bar (stainless tube) between the hangers, I carefully measured how far down I would need to drill to allow S hooks to fit over the top of the tube but missing the top of the chiller. I then marked and drilled out the hanging straps, then marked the side of the chiller and used a hole cutter to drill through the chiller sides.

    The stainless tube was cut to fit between the hanging straps and a piece of all thread 2" longer was pushed through the middle of the tube, this was M8 and washers and nylock nuts were fitted on the outside and tightened up. I sealed round the edge of the tube with silicone sealer. It held a roe buck easily. This had the benefit of not interfereing with the chiller unit at the top and back of my cabinet.

    If your cabinet is one of the big ones then you might fit a stainless frame inside, but make sure it can take apart otherwise, if you are anything like me, blood will get behind it and stink.

    Atb, ft
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    This is how I did mine.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails support_top.jpg   internal_top_.jpg   support_bottom.jpg   chiller_door_open.jpg   extra_picture.jpg  

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    Gents if its a 'coke' type friidge just try hanging the deer from the shelves....simples...I have had up to six roe (3 each side) and they still held fiorm on the brackets you'll be amazed how strong they are and if they bend/break then you can move onto a more bespoke solution

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    If it is an ex-drinks fridge all the cooling equipment is at the back so I drilled through the sides and inserted a 50mm tube, filled it with insulation foam and 'no nailed' the tube in place, works fine and is solid.

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    i just cut a piece of oval wardrobe rail and rest it on the shelf supports stays put if it is cut tight enough

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    some coke chillers differ but i found thet runnig up each side internally there are 2 strips perside for puttin g the shelving into.

    every so often these strips are held in by really quite small screws...therefore the internals in places are threaded....

    i just removed thestrips from the inside sides...from top down...far enough to let me
    "pick-up" and utilise a couple of the threads / holes...

    i thebn made a stainless bracket to suit welded up and put in using existing holes as said and voila...didnt have to put extra holes or the like into a decent coke fridge

    sauer / paul

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    Many thanks guys for taking the time to answer. The chiller I now have is a Norcool ex Irn Bru. I have done nothing to it so far but have found that the shelves are fairly strong and have had four roe hooked on with no problem.

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