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Thread: .223 Reminton powder

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    .223 Reminton powder

    About to assemble my first round 55g bullet whats a good powder to start with ? and yes i have a couple of reloading manuals but powder choice i have no idea what to try

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    Vit N133
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    Vit n140 works a treat for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sle View Post
    Vit n140 works a treat for me

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    Benchmark, ramshot xterminator or Tac

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    VHT N140 works best with the heavier bullets, Benchmark or TAC with the the lighter bullets.
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    N133 is excellent but I have also had very good results with (Cheaper) RS40 and Tu2000

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    N133 or RS40 with 55g, N140 or RS52 with the heavy stuff

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    Benchmark if it is available to you.

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