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Thread: Rifle finally finish

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    Rifle finally finish

    Well it's taken me a while but I've finally finished a rifle I've been aiming to build for awhile.
    It's a Lakelander action which is a nice smooth action with a good reliable internal rotary magazine and you don't see that many around.
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    That is a really nice classic rifle. Great piece of wood... congrats on finishing it.

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    Vey nice mate. What is it chambered in?
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Thanks guys 30-06 a nice old but very useable cartridge, it was 7x64 before I rebarreled it.

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    Nice rifle mate, the wood has a really nice grain and dark colour to it, and a classic calibre for a classic rifle.

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    Beautiful piece of timber that
    ATB Lee

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    Tell you what Sir, to prevent you harming yourself with the recoil I'll take it off your hands for 50.00?

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    Shot her in today and with PPU SP she shot a split group of just over 1/2" so I'm happy with that, dead deer and cheap ammo sure the rifle can do better though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Tell you what Sir, to prevent you harming yourself with the recoil I'll take it off your hands for 50.00?
    I've a left over pin if you can have for 50.

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    Nice job Daf, nowt wrong with half inch using PPU,



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