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    PES moderator

    hi all
    have a t8 and wildcat mods at the moment.anyone have experience of the pes moderator.the one without the rear bush?

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    I have a PES T12 on my .243 Tikka T3.

    Not the lightest mod, but does a good job of taming the crack/flip & the overall weight is offset a little by having a synthetic stock; one thing to bear in mind though is that it does make for a front-end heavy rig once it's over your shoulder so there can be a tendency for the rifle to want to slide backwards - this can be addressed by your choice of sling (I bought a z-aim pro-stalker, and job's a good 'un), or the way in which you hold your sling (eg thumb tucked in/thumb-loop). It is a sturdily built bit of tube. I'd have no qualms about having another T12.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HIGHSEATMAN View Post
    hi all
    have a t8 and wildcat mods at the moment.anyone have experience of the pes moderator.the one without the rear bush?
    FWIW, I've just changed both my moderators to the MAE compact bush-less type. I got rid of the TET Spartan and the ATec Maxim.

    Although a tad heavier, its better looking, (smaller diameter) balances better on my rifles and is by far (to my ear) quieter. If I'm going to hang something on the end of my rifle it had better do something.

    I also notice better barrel harmonics and better group consistency. I'm not the only user to notice this. I was sceptical at first, but there's no denying the results. I first noticed the harmonic issue with the 22 LR. Adding/subtracting baffles with the ATec, made a big difference in group size. I noticed the same affect albeit to a smaller extent, with the Maxim. The MAE seems to hit the sweet spot right off.


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    I have a T12 and T12 scout, mine are bushed but I believe they can be run just like the bushless ones by simply removing it

    Scout has a 6.5mm bore and is the best noise reduction on a .243 I have ever heard
    does a very good job on my .222 now

    the full size sits on my 300WM and with a bipod makes it very accurate (see left) and a total a pussycat to shoot, no bounce or flip to speak off

    as above, not the lightest, but for carrying I usually have them muzzle down, except on the hill when it is in a sleeve so makes not odds

    I should add I have had one replaced under warranty but the customer service from both JMS and MAE in NZ was exceptional
    No questions asked, straight swap direct to me in under a week

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    I've got four mae mods ( two muzzle mounts and two t12) and highly recommend them as well as echoing the above comments regarding mae and jms, julian is a great bloke to deal with. The only other mod I would consider is an ase jet z.

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