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Thread: CZ 452 and Brno Mod2E Triggers

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    CZ 452 and Brno Mod2E Triggers

    Recent discussion for triggers on these two has got me looking again. I have a Brno Mod 2 where the trigger has been worked on - lot better than it was, but still not as good as the trigger on the Heym. I am looking at installing the Timney Trigger -, which fits into the trigger housing using the tigger and sear pin.

    If you have a CZ452 in 22 pr please can you pull the stock and measure the distance between the trigger pin and the sear pivot pin. on my Mod 2 the pins are 3mm in diameter and centre to centre distance is 29 mm. Does the CZ452 use the same centre to centre distance.

    Many thanks

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    I don't own a cz or brno but if you ring edgar bros on 01625 613177 they will help they are the importers.If poss speak to dave in the workshop.
    Hope this helps SEAN

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    When you find out let me know. Or if you come up dry, I could call Timney and see if they will fit. Usually Timney lists are variants that are applicable.

    I love my BRno but the trigger is too far forward for my stubby fingers. If it was rearward in the guard like the 452 American my son owns it would be sweet. ~Muir

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    Muir, Mine has the same shape of trigger as the CZ 452, with the same trigger mechanism etc - certainly from what I have seen from pictures etc. but if you could give Timney a call for me that would be gret if you know them.

    Many thanks


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    Now sorted - have spoken with a supplier, he measured it and the Timney CZ452L trigger does fit the Brno Mod 2, so one is on its way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heym SR20 View Post
    Now sorted - have spoken with a supplier, he measured it and the Timney CZ452L trigger does fit the Brno Mod 2, so one is on its way.
    Good news! Thanks!~Muir

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    Timney Trigger arrived this morning. Took all of ten minutes to fit to the action - and most of that was trying to find my punches etc. Immediate impression is that it is one hell of a lot better than the existing trigger, which had been tuned and polished up.

    I will need to do a bit of work on the stock relieving some of the wood - the stock is one I built myself and left a lot more wood in and around the trigger area. Will take twenty minutes with some sharp chisels.

    All in all very satisfied.

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