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Thread: Wanted 22-250 once fired cases

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    Wanted 22-250 once fired cases

    Anyone got ant 22-250 once fired cases for sale? looking for between 40-60 .

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    i have a few kicking about, i carnt vouch for the quality as they are from mixed makers. brands include sako, federal, remmington peters, M R P and PMC. they have not been cleaned and some are in a pretty poor state. let me know if your interested. i have over 100 you are more than welcome to have FOC if you cover the postage costs. some have been through my die but not many. i have purchased shiny new cases! so have no need for these. PM me if interested.

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    I have a few remmington cases, not sure how many probably 30+



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    Thank you for the offer but have been sorted by Skipp.

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    hi richard i have i them lying all over i use sako your welcom to them all if you want.

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