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Thread: Roe Buck ear lengths

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    Roe Buck ear lengths

    Last week we stalked into a superb roe buck but it was with the camera and I got some quite good pictues. He had a very good head but it was difficult to guauge the height of his antlers.

    Now I know that rabbits ears are neigh on a standard 3.5" so I thought if roe buck ears are also uniform it could be a handy way of getting a guide to roe buck antler length.

    I have measured the ear lengths of the two bucks (shot last Thursday) that I have in the compost heap at home and they were 120-130mm or pretty well 5"

    Could others post ear lengths so we might get a standardised lenght for future reference?

    Many thanks


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    How are you measuring?
    1. Height of the tip of the ears above the head?
    2. Length of the ear from the middle of it's base to the tip?

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    Im glad to say i never have,and hopefully never will measure a roes lug,ever,ever.

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