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Thread: Mentoring Liability

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    Mentoring Liability

    I have been asked to write a letter saying I will mentor someone. This person for some reason has a driving urge to have an open ticket even though they don't shoot in many locations or even plan as far as I know to stalk. But that's by the by....

    The question is - am I only liable when they are under my direction, or couldI be opening up myself to being responsible for their action even when they are not under my supervision as it were?

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    It's a very good and complex question which you have asked and I don't think there will be a definitive answer. The people to consult are your insurers and get a statement from them as to when they will cover you and when they won't. I consulted BASC on a similar question and the answer wasn't simple at all. I suspect that most 'mentors' don't take insurance advice.



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    All Counties and FEOs have been strongly told not to use Mentor condition any more presicly as there is no actual test check qualification or responsibility on the mentor which also opens the Police up for forcing its use

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    I am struggling to see the legal angle that would make a mentor liable

    If a candidate for FAC is so inept as to require someone of unknown capability to oversee them in the capacity they are applying for then the Police should under no circumstances issue an FAC

    Whilst mentoring might be requested or applicable for deer stalking ONLY the concerns of the Police ARE ENTIRELY DOWN TO and WHOLLY LIMITED TO SAFETY and those are not covered if the applicant goes off and shoots some plates in a quarry without his mentor

    This application of mentoring and qualification requirement solely with respect to Deer stalking is entirely unlawful and completely outside of the jurisdiction of the Police

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    Read post #31 on this thread for the letter that went out to all Chief Constables from the lead of ACPO FELWG:

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    I thought mentors (if used) were at least vetted or known well to the FEO?

    Also, from the OP's statement, there seems to be something amiss with the chaps intentions who he's been asked to mentor?

    I would say that the role of a mentor is, not least, quite a responsibility personally - it's like a very enhanced reference - with those, if you can't give a good one, or are unsure, don't do it - the greatest liability will be on your conscience....
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    I think he is missing the point of being 'mentored'.

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    i have been mentored and have mentored as well.

    If asked it is simple just to stick to the facts. i.e. write down exactly what you did like demonstrated safe gun handling/ zero'd at 100yards etc.

    i wouldn't be comfortable giving an opinion as i think that is shaky ground.

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    I know that you seem to get very animated on this sort of topic, but the staement:-

    'This application of mentoring and qualification requirement solely with respect to Deer stalking is entirely unlawful and completely outside of the jurisdiction of the Police'

    It is neither unlawful nor outside the jurisdiction of the police. It is the right of the Chief Officer of Police to add additional conditions to a firearm certificate as he sees fit.

    You might not like it but that's another thing.


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    I have both been "Mentored" and acted as a "Mentor", and like Artschool when writing a letter at the end of the "Mentoring Period" I have just stuck to the facts (More or less along the same lines as Artschool). However more recently it seems that the condition of "Mentoring" has often been dropped in favour of the condition "While accompanied by and experienced shooter". I personally see this "While accompanied by an experienced shooter" as being very much the same as "Mentoring" (in a slightly dressed down sort of way) and a way (For some Firearms Departments) of getting round the guidelines laid down in the link posted by Orion regarding "Mentoring"!
    With the condition "While accompanied by an experienced shooter" this (In a way) still raises the question (Particularly where the shooting of deer are concerned) of "Qualifications"! (My Firearms Department have always been aware that I have no written qualifications, just many years of safe experience with most calibres of rifles and shotguns, and have been happy for me to act as a "Mentor" or to be classed as an "Experienced Shooter").
    Nowadays I am nowhere near as fit or mobile/agile as I was a few years ago so I am not doing on any more "Mentoring" and will only act as "An experienced shooter" on very odd occasions when asked to do so by people/friends that I know fairly well.
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