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Thread: Wanted press - preferably cast iron

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    Wanted press - preferably cast iron

    I have started assembling all the bits for reloading and am almost there bar the vital item, the press itself! I have been borrowing a friend's, but can't really impose any more.

    As budget is fairly tight at the moment I was hoping to get something secondhand, in good condition (i.e. not rusty), but I am not looking for a great bargain just a fair price.

    I have found that I need to use quite a bit of force to neck resize with the Lee collet die so would favour a cast iron press (but this is not essential).

    So if anyone has upgraded their press and has an older press that is not seeing much use, or just has one to sell, please let me know.



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    If you are not local to me then I cannot help you.
    I bought a new multi station new one to replace, what I thought, my unrepairable one, that I had been using for thirty odd years.
    In the end, all my old one needed was a new bearing and a slight tighten up with a spanner so I have a brand new, multi station Lyman solid press. If you were local to me you could have a look at it before I start quoting how much I want for it.
    It is far too heavy to send by post.
    You don't appear to have your location in your Avater.

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    Thanks for offering to help... I am based in Oxford so a fair distance, but quite possible. And it would be nice to actually meet someone who you "know" from SD threads - I have certainly learn't from reading some of the threads you have been party to.

    Would you mind giving me a little information about the press and what you want for it? Perhaps a PM would be best?

    Sorry for the delayed reply - I have to try and stop myself from dipping into the site during working hours!


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    You'll not go far wrong dealing with EMcC, helpful bloke, would be worth the drive to pick it up.....

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    Thanks for the recommendation EMcC has already sent me some good advice, although his press may be a bit more than I need / can afford.

    If anyone had a cast Lee single stage press that would more than meet my needs.

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    Are you sorted with your press............ I have a lee press for sale

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    I got sorted via EMcC - thanks anyway.

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    Hiya Bobg757
    is it the lee classic cast?

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