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    GWP Owners

    I have a 3 year old GWP and was wondering how other owners find their eyesight, I know it's obviously not as good as he sense of smell but I was in a deer park with him today and he could smell the fallow upwind of him but couldn't see them wandering around about 250-300 yards away, is this normal or me expecting to much from him? When I'm playing with him and getting him to find his ball he can't pick it up when it's only 2-3 yards in the grass, it's a red ball. Any owners advice greatfully received.
    Many thanks

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    I'm sure if u google dogs colour spectrum or something similar info will come up.

    Pretty sure red as well as orange is 1 of the hardest colours for a dog to see, if memory serves my purple is a better colour for dogs seeing, i also use a black and white strped dummy for young/easy retrieves or to help marking

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    I know my GWP bitch can spot a moving cat 300+ metres away, regardless of which way the wind is blowing , and she can spot rabbits, squirrels and pheasants on the road a long way in front of the truck when we're driving.

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    Discopete book an appointment at specsavers for your dog because mine is like Adam's and can spot cats at tremendous distances, in fact I am certain that his eyesight is far better than mine.
    Not so long back we stood watching a fallow buck about 100 yards away lurking in the shadows under some trees one evening. I needed my binoculars to make anything out but the dog stood watching and seemed to react to any movement the buck made.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Not picking a ball at 2/3 yds in grass, I would worry a bit about his nose too!!

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    Maybe he simply isn't interested in balls. May also not get interested in captive deer that you and he are not actually hunting.

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    Hi Discopete.

    Similarities run through the thread... I have a 2 year old GWP dog... He has no interest in tennis balls, or dummies, but can spot cats / rabbits / hares at vast distances.... He will now not react to deer when we are out for a walk with all the dogs, other than a passing look, but if I am carrying a rifle he is a different dog, and spots / points everything, and if he wears his tracking harness, then every deer is assessed very seriously....

    He is keenly aware of birds, helicopters, and hot air balloons - and will spend hours lying in the garden watching red kites and buzzards circling over the area...

    I don`t think your GWP has poor eyesight, just that if you see this herd of fallow regularly, and he links that smell, he knows they are there, and does not react in the way you expect.

    All the best.


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    Hi Neil

    Many thanks for your response that seems a reasonable explanation and countryboy I is right regarding the colour red, he cannot seem to see that at all but different with black. He is seeing the fallow quite regular now so that makes sense.

    Many thanks

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