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Thread: Which .270?

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    Post Which .270?

    Hi guys,
    I am currently looking for a new rifle in .270 for the larger deer. Any suggestions or warnings would help narrow the search as to which make/model to buy.
    I have currently got a Ruger M77 mk2 in .243 with synthetic stock and get on really well with it.
    I am trying not to spend to much money, but usually fall for a gun and pay more than planned.
    I have a scope waiting (MTC Viper 4-16x50)
    Also, let me know if you have got one for sale.

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    Neil, I am a great believer (if not practiser!) in consistency. If you have one Ruger in 243 that you are happy with, I would just get another in 270 to match.

    Make sure stock length, trigger pulls (most importantly) etc are as near as identical as possible. Basically try an create a near "matched pair".

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    The list is endless, if you said you were buying "x" someone would say buy "y". Best to find a rifle you like, see if they do it in that calibre. I now own 2 T3's one in 22-250 the other in .270, previous to that I had a .243 T3, and T3 Tactical in .308, I do like Tikka rifles, I was meant to get a A Bolt in 22-250, but the RFD messed up the order, so I just got another T3 instead.

    Everyone will say they are happy with their rifles, if not, they'll move them on, so everyone's rifles are the best as far as they are concerned. Get to a Game Fair if you can, more rifles to handle and get a feel for than most RFD's will stock, choose wisely as if you decide to change in a couple of months, you'll lose some considerable cash or either a private or trade sale.


    For what it's worth, I like T3's Synthetic/Stainless.

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    The world is your oyster with regards to a .270!!........everyone has their favourites and will no doubt try and sway you in the direction of what they shoot, but all i will say is claret was right in what he said......but also take into account whether you are going to use a sound mod on your big un 'cos if you're not then i would look for a rifle that has a bit of overall 'heft' and not too light otherwise it will be a tad uncontrollable and slightly punchy in the shoulder.
    There are many good secondhand rifles on the market in this calibre so go have a look on guntrader or visit all the gunshops that are local to you.
    Just out of curiosity...What is your budget?



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    Cheers guys,
    I will definately be using a mod! i don't like the punch in the shoulder without it.
    I have a pes mod on the 243 and it helps no end.
    As for budget, I would say 700 ish would be the top end, but I am always after a bargain!!!!!!


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    Another ruger? or an A-bolt , T3 wont go wrong with any of these 3

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    Hi Neil13. I have shot several centre fire rifles but have only ever owned a .270 and I think it's a fantastic round. Similar to yourself I am moving on from my Ruger M77 and I too found it to be a great rifle. It's just time for a change.

    I've handled a lot of rifles in recent months and received some great help and advice at York guns. We've had the scope mounted and moderators on to several rifles to get a real feel for it and in your price bracket the Tikka T3 grabbed my attention. The only put offs were the plastic components (trigger guards, magazine, magazine release , etc.) however it seemed to be a good rifle - I think it would be a close call between that and the slightly more expensive Remington 700. Not sure if it's any use to you but I've gone for a Sako.

    I'm by no means a rifle expert, just offering my two penneth. Most new rifles will probably shoot well, probably better than the individual behind it so it's more than likely a comfort issue.

    Good luck.

    DC .270

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    Excellent calibre choice!

    I'd have a look at the Browning X Bolt Stalker - it's the first stainless steel and tupperware rifle I've actually been tempted to buy. It's compact and has a brilliant stock (a vast improvement on the horrible A Bolt). I think Macleods in Tain have a couple of .270 X bolts in stock at a very good price.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamant View Post
    I think Macleods in Tain have a couple of .270 X bolts in stock at a very good price.

    They have .270 T3 Lite Laminate/Stainless at a very good price, wish it was there when I bought my .270 there 6 weeks ago.

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    Thanks guys,
    From all the input and my own research, I think I have narrowed it down to about 3!:
    Sako 75/85
    Tikka T3
    Browning X-bolt
    With a couple of others still in the search.
    I will let you Know which way I end up going, All the info has helped a lot!


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