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Thread: +F Qualification Question

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    +F Qualification Question

    Hi All,

    I trying to find out if stalkers really need the +Forestry qualification when doing their EFAAW/FAAW qualification or if it's just a nice to have extra, and if so, what qualification do you need to teach it?? I have looked into it, and it seems that only those working up trees need it?

    I'm asking because I teach first aid, and would like to run run courses for stalkers so would consider getting qualified if it was really needed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Knowing all you can about first aid is always good. I did my EFAAW + F at my local agricultural college. Never used it in connection with stalking/shooting but it did help when at my local petrol station and a guy was taking a stroke. As stalkers we are in forestry environments often and although we may not suffer from some of the situations covered by the +F (chainsaw or crushing injuries) we very well could be the first on the scene should we come across an injured forestry worker. I am of the mind that the answer to your question is no we don't as stalkers really need it but as responsible users of the forestry environment and its workers all first aid knowledge is of benefit.

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    To work in any capacity on a FC site you need EFAW+F that includes stalking, some of the other private forestry companies are following suite.
    I work on FC sites daily and their rational is that anyone could potentially come across an emergency.
    Everyone from the stalker to the timber lorry driver to the harverster driver need to have it . It's one of the FC policies that makes a lot of sense to my mind.

    In terms of teaching it, I have no idea. . But as I understand it, it is simply a bolt on to the usual EFAW qualification.
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    I agree. Knowing all you can, especially when dealing with trauma is a good thing, and I have experience of it - I have just never done a specific +F course.

    Thanks for your POV though

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    I have a Forestry Commission Deer management Permission and contacted them recently on this very subject. I was told that DMP's and their Authorised Controllers do not need the part F. But I was also told that anyone who contracts to FC in any capacity do need the part F and this includes deer culling contractors.

    That said when my current FAAW expires I will be asking for the new one to include part F.


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    When I worked in Outdoor Education we all had to have a minimum of Appointed Person qualification. As I progressed from Instructor to Trainer I was required to have an Emergency Rescue qualification. To take participants abroad I needed to supplement that qualification with Wilderness Medicine.
    Considering what might happen in your own situation and environment it only makes sense to have some knowledge and preferably training.
    What would you do if the worst happened? How long would it take to get medical help on scene? How long does it take for a gunshot victim to bleed out?
    It may seem like a PITA to have to learn something else but you never know when it will be needed.
    Happily, I have never needed to treat anything worse than blisters, cuts and bruises on my trips, but I have assisted in three major motoring accidents, twice being first on the scene. It is a very satisfying feeling to know that you had the skills to help when needed. I can't imagine what it must feel like to only be able to stand by and watch because you did not know what to do.

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    As I understand it, it's not mandatory yet to have it as 'just' a deer stalker on a Deer Management Permissions but it is generally expected for any other forestry roles now and will be made mandatory soon for all.

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    Follow this link it may help explain what is required. All other forestry management companies are following suit. Till Hill / Scottish Woodlands etc.

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    Not wanting to go aggainst the general concensus, and not saying that having a 1st aid ticket is not a good thing in normal life anyway.

    BUT i think its a joke that all stalkers must have it 1st aid when they are the lesast likely to actually need any, just feel it is an other jumping throu hoops excercise for no good reason, and everyone is so desperate to get stalking ground no one stands up to the pen pushers in offices that make these stupid decisions.

    Off all forestry users stalkers will be the least likely to actually hurt themselves or need 1st and also the least likely to come across anyone else as they tend to stay away from 'busy' parts of the wood

    Mountain bikers are probably in thr highest risk category yet dinae have to book on/off ground or any 1st tickets yet i bet any stats prove they have a lot of injuries.

    For the +F part the main thing our intructor said that really stuck i my head was 'UR SCREWED' if anything major happens if u have no phone signal (even with a buddy with u), he really was quite brutal how little u can actually do if something really bad happens and u have no phone signal. Most things were really common sense (but i did learn some things on coarse)

    If there were really safety issues it would make far more sense to insist on stalkers carrying a PLB than a 1st aid course.
    In NZ now very few stalkers/hunters/fishermen/hikers etc ventures very far into the bush without carrying a PLB

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    but it's not about you the stalker becoming a casualty, it's about you the stalker potentially saving a life because the training you have was appropriate to the environment you are in and casualty type you may encounter. This may be a rambler, forestry worker or best friend in exposed conditions with a life threatening situation.

    An office worker's EFAW with specialist Mr Bump plaster training is not enough compared to forestry environment workers EFAW with +F. It's that simple and FC and other forestry company policy reflects this. Cutting corners with 'minimum' training is dangerous in EVERY sector.

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