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Thread: Roe stalker wanted, East Lothian

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    Roe stalker wanted, East Lothian

    Hello all,
    I manage 1800 acres in East Lothian, in the foothills of the lammemuirs. Including around 100ha of various woodlands. It's lovely ground, ranging from mature hardwoods in valleys and a couple of decent sized mixed conifer blocks. LOTS of roe, as seems to be the case all over Southern Scotland.
    In the past we've had paying tennants who paid us to take the roe shooting but now we're doing a lot more proactive forestry, including new planting, and the damage is just getting too bad. So I'm looking for one keen stalker who wants to take on deer control for the Estate. We wouldn't expect to get much, if any, payment for the stalking so there's an opportunity for someone keen to get out in lovely countryside and take a high number of beasts, potentially making decent money from venison sales. You would have to be prepared to do some fairly intensive stalking/high seat work at particular places where we are trying to encourage regeneration but there is also a lot of potential for really enjoyable stalking.
    The estate is about 45 minutes from Edinburgh, with decent road access. You'd need a 4x4 and all your own equipment. There is good potential for high-seats in several locations but you'd have to build them yourself and keep them in good condition.
    Note that we're looking for one person to take this on who will do the shooting themselves. (Certainly not bringing paying guests.) You can bring experienced friends occasionally, but we'd ask that you always come in the same vehicle.

    If interested please email me on with a description of yourself and why you'd like to take it on. I'll try to respond to any questions on here. You must comply with all licence requirements, etc, which I think means having DSC2.
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    Wow what an offer
    come on you northern boys fill yer boots
    Regards pete

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    Hope you've plenty of space in your inbox, lol.

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    Dream opportunity that!!
    Not for me though - no level 2
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    dropped you a PM as it sounds like you are just round the corner from me

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    Email address would appear to be incorrect

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    Very interested but cant get email to send on the email shown
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Fantastic opportunity for someone if only you were closer good luck to the lucky stalker
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    PM sent as I can't seem to get the e-mail to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerealthriller View Post
    Dream opportunity that!!
    Not for me though - no level 2

    pm him mate, he says" which I think means having DSC2"

    usually FC want DSC2, the estate might not mind if you have the experience and DSC1

    what an unbelievable , once in a life time offer,

    top man charlieb,



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