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Thread: rabbits with my .308 YES .375 h&h for Reds NO

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    rabbits with my .308 YES .375 h&h for Reds NO

    I'm amazed, truely amazed after talking to the head of firearms licensing today. Cutting a long story short, I could originally only have a .375 h&h for hunting in Europe but couldn't use it in the UK. Originally it was only going to be use only in Europe and possess out of the cabinet when travelling to and from!

    Only after discussion and lots of it did we get to the stage were it was agreed that I could zero it on suitable land in the UK. The reason for the hassle is the caliber too powerful for shooting game in the uk (the guideline say so ...... do they heck) because it is a dangerous game caliber. But it's ok as per the conditions of my certificate to shoot rabbits with my .308 he agreed!

    Please tell me it's not me that's lost the plot..

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    It isnt you thats lost the plot..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    and AND AND

    I gave him an example that if I was zeroing and a deer walked in front of the target (could happen ) so there could be no safety issue....... could the deer be culled.

    NO......WHY? .375 H&H is too big......

    WTF..... the paper didn't mind and the backstop wasn't camplaining

    But I can shoot rabbits with my .308

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    and AND AND

    But I can shoot rabbits with my .308
    More than they let me do here... If I had, for example a .470 Nitro Express, why can't I shoot Roe with it?

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    If you MUST shoot bunnies with your .308 Paul I recommend at least 180 grains and a ballistic tip - we know that those little b*ggers can carry some lead ........

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    A guy in my rifle club is not a stalker but a target shooter who has a .375 H&H for range use. He has level 3 security at home however with a gun room and monitored alarm system.
    When I applied for my .458Win I had to supply proof I had booked an African trip. Looks like either way is costly but the African trip will be more fun!
    You can always try .338, .376 Steyr or band 3 45/70 loads as an alternative.

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    Rabbits with my 308....... well actually I only use 150 gr I'm so underpowered

    So the guidelines say....

    13.35 ........'Calibres such as
    the .375 (9.5mm) are at the lower end of
    those suitable for shooting “dangerous game”
    but may, once initial “good reason” has been
    established, also be used for shooting the
    larger deer species in Britain. Expanding
    ammunition may also be authorised for an
    applicant whose certificate allows for the rifle
    also to be used for shooting deer in Britain.'

    What doesn't the guy get

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    Call his bluff. Tell him that it is ok but you want the refusal in writing and that you will appeal..

    I expect he will start to backpedal rather swiftly

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    I total agree with zaitsev and the above comment, get the refusual in writing and make sure the FLA in question is made aware that you intend to appeal.

    i like the style of bunny bashing with your .308, i enjoy nothing more than a bit of mouse / rat action with my 10bore. i find a 79 gram load of 6 shot sufficent to deal with the task. To me dead is dead, ther is no such thing as overkill, or too much power or meat damage. what i really hate is seeing a rabbit run off with a 22rimmy in its backside.
    good luck with your quest for more power.


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