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Thread: Couple of rabbits with refurbished Voere.

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    Couple of rabbits with refurbished Voere.

    I bought this Voere a few months ago as a bit of a "project - I wanted the accuracy of a Bolt Action as well as the speed of a Semi-Auto. When I got it the barrel was 22" long and had the foresight missing and practically no bluing left on it and was solid against the forend through the entire length of the barrel. The stock was too short for me, only about 13 LOP, but the woodwork was in quite reasonable condition but the general condition of the rifle could only have been described as "Well Used/Poor Condition".
    I started by stripping the rifle right down to bare bones and then getting the barrel shortened by 2" to remove the dovetail for the foresight and then threaded and re-crowned by Dave Mercer - And a damned fine job he did it while I waited, many thanks Dave!
    The next move was to re-blue the barrel. For this I used a couple of coats of Abbey Blu Gel after rubbing it down with fine wire wool. The finish is reasonable but could maybe do with another coat.
    Next was to alter the LOP! THis was done by removing the But Pad and then using it to make a stensil for three pieces of (Fairly Firm) neoprene type rubber. These were then fitted with slightly longer screws and bought the LOP to "14", ideal for me! The "but extention" was then sanded down by hand using coarse then medium emery cloth and then finished with fine emery cloth.
    All I did to the woodwork was to fully float the barrel and then rub in a good few coats of Parker Hale Walnut Oil. This has given a really good finish to the woodwork.
    Next was the job of stripping down all of the mechanism, cleaning and carefully checking it and then re-assembling it after a very light coat of gun grease. Everything was then checked to make sure all was in order and working as it should.
    As for scopes, I used a set of Gun Tuff Mounts with a set of 6-24X50 AOEG scopes I got from e-bay (25.00 barnd new) - Maybe a little over scoped for a .22 LR but that was what I had at hand at the time and they suit me for Club Target Shooting!
    The rifle was then fitted with a Sirocco SM11 sound moderator and zeroed up. I have to I was surprised at how quiet the rifle sounds with this moderator.
    The ammunition used for zeroing was Magtec Sub-Sonics (Which I have always been very happy with) but I have since found that it fires Remmington Hollow Point Sub-Sonics just as accurately, giving a good and tight clover leaf group on the range at 25 Yards. (Remmingtons make it even cheaper to feed @ 6.00 per hundred)
    I've used it in the field a few times and am really happy with this little rifle as both a "Bunny Basher" and a "Club Target Shooting Rifle", and now the rifle looks quite good, is light to carry and a pleasure to shoot.
    As there was some (Possibly quite heavy) rain forecast for today I decided to go out and see if any rabbits wanted to play yesterday (Friday) evening, using the rifle in it's Single Shot Mode. Not many rabbits about but I did get three shots in for three rabbits (Very pleasing/satisfying) - One I shot at about 50 yards and watched roll about 20 yards down a bank (Obviously a good kill) but could not find it in the nettles when I went to pick it up.The other two were both clean kills as shown in the photograph.
    The one (A milky Doe) on the left has a lot of blood on it as it was sitting up facing me so I took it at 42 paces with the shot hitting it squarely in the top of neck just below the chin. The one on the right was a particularly pleasing shot! This youngish buck that was feeding at 73 paces away so I had to judge the holdover (The rifle is curently zeroed for our 25 yard range and I was shooting off my telescopic shooting stick in the standing position) The bullet entering just at the head/neck joint (I aimed for a head shot) and dropping it without even a twitch.
    The milky doe has gone to feed my mates ferrets and the youngish buck has been given "Oven ready" to an elderly neighbour.
    I know it's not a big bag but as far as I am concerned it's not always about "Big Bags" but more the quality of the shooting and getting pleasure out of using a rifle that you have re-furbished. All in all I have to say that I am really pleased with this little rifle and the bit of work I have put into it has paid off.
    I'll try to get a few more detailed close up photographs added as soon as I get a chance!
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    Good looking rifle and good outing. Big bags are great if you're doing pure pest control but proper stalking is a great way to spend an evening

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