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Thread: Wildcat evolution moderator

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    Wildcat evolution moderator

    Hi all,
    The T8 on my rifle is starting to show signs of rusting through from the inside. I'm weighing up my options at the moment as to what to do about a replacement. I know I can get a discount towards a new one, but I'm tempted to just ditch it and get something different (lighter and/or smaller).
    I've looked for info here on the Wildcat Evolution but there isn't much recent. Does anybody have one?
    I like the price, like the fact that I can replace/interchange parts if I ever need to, and like the fact that their HQ is only a 20 minute drive away, so no faffing trying to get one through a local shop. But are they any good?
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    I am sure you can trade it in on any mod they supply,but not sure what the supply,

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    Jacksons will do you a deal on a different mod if you ask

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    I baught BRAND NEW wildcat about 18 months ago from wildcat in Droitwich

    I found it leaked gasses past the o rings and generally found it crap took it back to them and the young owner of wildcat just shrugged his shoulders and wouldn't refund me as i had used it ( less than 10 shots )

    he did say I'll buy it back as its used so I gave in and he had it back. I lost about 70 all in all within a few days

    wildcat are now under the Hartlebury shooting banner in Hartlebury I'm not sure if they went bust or baught out

    personally from the poor service I got and the general not interested attitude I wouldn't spend a penny with them

    Buy an ASE supurb quality and does a fantastic job

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    i have a wildcat pred 8 and a wildact evo,,,never had any trouble with them,,,keep the o rings lubed,,,
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    buy a ase sl5. your never need another mod.

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    I had a predator 8 and vowed never to have another mod on a rifle.. ridiculous size and weight, totally alters the handling of a rifle and looks awful!

    My latest permission insists I use a mod so I bought a dpt... so light you don't know its there, doesn't alter the balance of the rifle at all and actually looks good too! ohh and it moderates the sound too!!! Cracking bit of kit

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    A mate has the wildcat evolution and loves it, lightweight and sound reduction is first class. If you need to clean it, just strip it down and throw it in the dish washer.

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    No experience with Wildcat mods but I just got rid of my T8 and got a Hardy Gen V from Rifle Craft. It is a very good mod and beats the T8 hands down in all aspects.

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    Got one on my .270, works great and its easy to clean, I would get another. That said, ain't as quiet as my reflex t8, but it's 3x heavier.

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