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Thread: Stolen high seats

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    Stolen high seats

    After losing the stalking on a large farm near Wyle Wiltshire, went to collect
    my high seats and two of them near the boundry were gone,what sort of
    people doe we have in the stalking fratternity?.

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    Not neccessarily the Stalking Fraternity.
    Could be Anti's, scrap merchants or just busy bodys so called tidying up the countryside (that's what they say when caught)
    Sorry to hear about your loss tho, it's sickening when that happens.
    I had nine newly made dustbin pheasant feeders full of wheat stolen, from the sunday I put them down, to the Wednesday when I went to check them and not a grain of wheat spillt on the ground, that took some planning, so it just shows, you don't know who is about these days.
    I hope you have some luck in finding your seats but I wouldn't hold your breath.
    Eddy McC

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    I use Cobra security cables, the 5m ones, and a good padlock on my seats.

    I am sorry to hear of your problem. Paul at PD high seats has had to make some all in one high seats, as opposed to his multi sectioned ones, because one of his better known customers kept getting her high seats nicked. They are even nicking manhole covers round here. Anything the pikeys can flog to the scrapman has to be well secured or it's gone!

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    *******s, Some folk will steal a saddle off a nightmare, scum of the earth.

    I presume they were the quick erect metal type and easily moved.
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    Sorry to hear that!! It makes the blood boil!! I have chained and padlocked my high seat!!

    Last year we had partridge pens stolen, they took the birds, feeders, drinkers, the lot!! No one ever knows a thing!!

    Not to mention the two quads that were stolen!!

    If i ever find out who had them or who owns them now i would have no hesitation in informing the police and helping them as much as i could!!

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    During the last F&M outbreak I was told to keep off my patch. When I was allowed back on some scr*te had had my portable high seat away, chain (which would have towed the Titanic), padlock and all. Thank goodness for insurance.

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    I make mine out of wood they cost me about 50 each but would still be pissed off if they got nicked but at least it wouldnt hit me in the pocket so much,Nothing metal is safe nowadays

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    Theiving Scum!!

    Just more hasstle that you probably dont need.Hope you get sorted fella.

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    I had a wooden lean to disapear about 300yds from farm,worth nothing ratchet strap was worth more. Middle of no where they would have had to walk 3 fields, even farmer couldn't believe it.

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    i just finished making a metal double freestander. legs all one piece so its going to be a bugger to move specifically to make it hard to nick. learned a couple of things while making it 1) dont weld in flip flops 2) dont look at the arc with naked eye.

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