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Thread: Free standing gun safe

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    Free standing gun safe

    I've got a mate looking for a (14gun minimum) free standing guns safe if anyone knows of anything??
    thanks bullet

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    Attachment 57905Will probably regret this!. 23 gun with mechanical combination lock, sand filled and fireproof, Extremely heavy so suitable for a concrete floor only. Dimensions (inches) H 60". W 30". D 22". Half the price of a new one and 100 less than I paid for it, 650. Pm me if its of any interest. D.

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    Jaw on floor. My life is missing this!

    Sod it I'm going to move just so I can find a home for one of these!

    Actually that's big enough to sleep in!
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

    We were so busy congratulating ourself of dodging Orwells vision we marched right into Huxley's.

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    Hi windygun,
    I will mention it to him and get back to you , that's the same as mine so I think that's what he has in mind!
    Thanks bullet

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    Hi windygun, seen my mate today and he's sorted his self with one!
    many thanks bullet

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