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Thread: Hornady 75 grain soft point .243

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    Hornady 75 grain soft point .243

    I can't find any reviews or experience of people using this bullet as a roe/fox round.

    Does anyone here have any info on it? Will it be suitable for foxes (cause enough destruction) and roe (not so much meat damage)? I know they're two different outcomes but I want one round to achieve both.

    I may use it on the occassional young fallow too so I'd rather the bullet was more suitable for deer than fox if thats what the general consensus is.

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: On further checking this bullet appears to be out od stock everywhere and quite possibly not being made so may be a non starter. If this is the case can anyone point me in the direction of another suitable 6mm soft point in the 70-80 grain range that will fulfill my requirements?
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    No fox has ever survived a solid hit from a soft point

    no experience of that particular weight but I do like hornady bullets especially the soft points.
    87gr sp is a perfect weight for .243, fast enough to give trajectory confidence and easily enough energy for a sturdy buck

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    I like the Federal 80g. Good for deer too.

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    when i used to reload for my .243 i always tried to find a fox/roe round but could never find a reliable supply of a soft point or even a hollow point bullet around the 75-80 gr mark so if you do find some buy as many as you can would be my advice, for what its worth i now use sako 90gr soft point factory ammo and it does me fine

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    I'm currently using Hornady 75 grain SST but its a bit too destructive on deer in the chest and I don't want to limit myself to just head/neck shots. Also at about 1.50 a round its not the cheapest to practice with and Hornady don't seem to sell the 75 grain SST as a bullet only.

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    Very explosive bullet, shot two Muntjac with them, First caught low extreme damage to rib cage, ran 20 yards. Second dropped in its tracks but bullet didn't exit. I think these are v-max that have been re-branded for the UK market. I have now returned to using the 95 grain SST, these produce good expansion and a good blood trail to follow when an animal runs after the shot.

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    Sierra 85gr Gameking....great fox/roe round!

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    Can't comment on the secifics of the Hornady 75gn, but in a 243 would be ideal for fox, but a bit too light and fast expanding on bigger animals. My preference is always to go heavy for calibre which means you get good penetration for less than perfect shots. I have heard very good things about the Hornady 95 gn Sst on fallow and with 3,000 fps plus MV they are flat shooting as well.

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