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Thread: Using a rifle at sea.

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    Using a rifle at sea.

    What are the regulations concerning using a gun below the mean low water mark?
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    Breath control??

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    Very good lol.
    the administrative ground for a given area extends to the low water mark, so when a spring tide is out this can extend a considerable distance further than the mlw mark. As an example the spring tide when out at southport can be mile further on than the mlw mark.
    What law would stop you zeroing, for instance, when the tide is out so far?
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    I too have wondered this, Basc would be worth asking as I seem to recall that they have some call on shooting rights below this water level. Might be wrong though

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    It has to be Crown foreshore (you need permissin for private)and I've only ever heard it being used for wildfowling means. As already mentioned, give BASC a ring. A little mention here, but states guns and wildfowling not rifles and zeroing. WILDFOWLING.COM - The B.A.S.C. Wildfowlers Code of Conduct

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    I think the only restriction at Southport is the distinct lack of back stop!!

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    no problems off the east coast of africa!

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    In sunny Scotland the shore below the high water mark is "for the enjoyment of the lieges" (ordinary folks) I believe. Thus we can shoot with guns but I have absolutely no idea about rifles. Plenty of deer in some places on that aforesaid foreshore.
    Somebody will know.

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    My first open/unrestricted FAC allowed me to use a .22 rifle at sea, but if the cliffs were less than a certain height(2-300 feet, I think), I could only shoot out to sea if I was within a mile of the shore. That was in the days when the Southern Sea Fisheries Committee issued Shag permits, and paid a bounty of 7/6 for each pair of Shag's feet.

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    JTO, did you get to keep their high heels for yourself?

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