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Thread: Condition change question ?

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    Condition change question ?

    was wondering if I need to fill out a variation application to change a condition on my fac
    I need to put deer stalking back on my cert.
    As I now have stalking permission.
    the condition was recently removed after I lost a recent permission.
    how long should i expect this to take essex police
    many thanks Drg
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    You should have AOLQ as a standard condition, so shouldn't need anything changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    You should have AOLQ as a standard condition, so shouldn't need anything changing.
    sorry i dont understand what AOLQ means
    essex police have just removed my deer shooting condition on my cert .as i lost an old permission.
    but i now have a new stalking area so require them to put deer shooting back on my cert

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    AOLQ is "any other lawful quarry".

    If Essex are following the ACPO (association of chief police officers) FELWG (Firearms and Explosives Licencing Working Group) and HO (home office) guidance properly, you should have a single condition governing the use of the rifle. It should be in the form of "The rifle of xxxx calibre shall be used for shooting yyy and any other lawful quarry" yyy is the species that provides your good reason to hold. Any other lawful quarry, (AOLQ) then covers you to shoot any other quarry it is lawful to shoot with that rifle.

    If you don't have AOLQ then Essex need to be explaining to ACPO why they are not following the guidance.

    There should not be such a thing as a "deer stalking condition".

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    I presume you are a member of a target rifle shooting club and said rifle was also conditioned for target shooting?
    If you lost your only deer permission for that rifle and your condition was also removed that would be the only way for you to still have good reason to hold on to your rifle.
    How did they find out about the loss of your permission?


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    AT the moment there only allowing me to target practice on approved land and zeroing.also to and from port of embarcation.
    my question was would i need to fill out a variation application just to change a condition ?

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    I hunt overseas quite a lot

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    In which case, perhaps your FEO would be the best person to talk to.

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    I would call your FEO, explain that you now have a new permission for deer and ask what you need to do regarding your FAC, that way you know for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drg View Post
    AT the moment there only allowing me to target practice on approved land and zeroing
    On it's own that's not good reason for possession, I don't believe any FEO would sanction this... It's not normal for stalking to be removed as good reason when you lose a permission, you could pick up another tomorrow.
    When they removed it, did they say it would be re-instated when you found some ground? Also the land that you can zero/practise on, is there no chance of deer on there?
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