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Thread: Wanted 4x4

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    Wanted 4x4

    I'm looking to buy a 4x4 as a second car guys. . Looking to spend a few grand.
    Thinking along the lines of a Jimny, maybe a jeep. . I'm open to suggestions, whats for sale out there?

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    There is an l200 for sale I think not to far from you in class fields I'm not connected to him in any way just remember it being for sale.

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    Thanks Weeman, I'll have a spy.

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    Go for a Subaru Forester, plenty about and they are the bees knees. Make sure it has had regular cam belt changes. Otherwise, they are panzers in disguise.

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    You'll always be able to find an old Disco cheap but don't be tempted unless you want a headache and dirty hands. I have just bought a Landcruiser Colorado for a couple of grand that I am over the moon with spent a bit on new boots all round but it's like a tank, might be a bit big for you if your thinking Jimny size.
    A friend has a Rav 4 he uses for all his lamping etc as it has a big roof that lifts off. Goes anywhere with good tyres , Toyota reliability littrally one old lady owner and cheap as chips. If you can get over the hairdresser associations. +1 for the Forester also.

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    Cheers guys, I've been offered a spotless Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD. . Anyone own one or can comment on their reliability and off road ability?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadex View Post
    Cheers guys, I've been offered a spotless Jeep Cherokee 2.8CRD. . Anyone own one or can comment on their reliability and off road ability?
    Can only speak of their performance in African conditions, where they are notably poorer than the Japanese 4x4s.

    On a par with land rover for reliability, worse than Mitsubishi pajero for off road.

    Probably ok for medium duty UK use, but certainly not my first choice.

    Get a Hilux or a land cruiser if you can.

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    have a look at the 3 litre hilux surf, had one for a few years great truck

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    I have a Jimny "O2" the soft-top version.
    The back seats are removed and a light Birch ply floor slid in.
    It takes about 15 minutes to refit the back seats.
    It can go anywhere, ever places a SWB Landrover can't get.
    Great little 4x4, but a bit heavy on Petrol.

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    Be very careful if buying used Toyota, regardless of the hype they do have known faults (air suspension, calipers, discs etc) and can cost a fortune to fix.
    I tried a Surf, 30 TD, and towing a trailer over Heads of the valleys killed it. That was down to a known design fault, but I didn't know of the fault until too late.

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