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Thread: sheep in forest ?

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    sheep in forest ?

    Hi all just want your thoughts on sheep in your forest and on all the clear fells???????

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    only good if you like mutton

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    Disaster for establishing crops, got to be removed

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    How do you go about it we spoke to the owner of the sheep he fenced some parts but the *******s are still in .And seem to be knocking the deer off the open breaks...CAN you shoot them or not????

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    I would advise if Forestry Commision ground not to complain as the last lease we had there were sheep in the re-stock site all the time and when we complained they came and Night shot the Deer!!!.

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    Hi neil , Go and speak to the farmer and establish if thay are his or not ,if not his then its up to you how you protect your resorse, if thay are his offer to help him remove them, but emphisize that thay Must be removed within a certain time or you will loose your best control period and the forrest manager will be flaming mad and you will have lost the oppertunity to achieve your cull. you must be firm about this but diplomatic.

    Dry powder.


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    Not sure of the law south of the border, in Scotland DONT SHOOT SHEEP ,it has caused a fair bit of trouble in the past.

    you said they belong to someone, therefore if you shoot them it'll be criminal damage, however he is responsible for his livestock. If he has not sheared them for a couple of years then their is a possible welfare issue. If they lamb in the wood then you have the trouble of lambs hefted to that ground.
    It's funny though that shepherds always manage to gather in lambs prior to sales

    generally deer don't like sheep ground

    It has been a real b*** ache for FC for years!!!!!!!!

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    If you have already tackled him about the sheep then don't shoot them if you value your stalking by the way have you got them on your cert(only kidding )its not an easy issue to get round, if the ground only has roe then they don't like to feed close to sheep red and sika will still feed on sheepy ground

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    I have the same prob on some FC ground, spoke to the ranger & it seems that the owner of the sheep has to sign a legal doc to say he gives up ownership, then they can be removed but apparently there could still be complications after.
    photograph the stinking things eating new trees, that usually gets the rangers attention.

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