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Thread: New 4x4

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    New 4x4

    Looking at buying a new pickup to replace the Defender. Think I've narrowed it down to a Toyota Hilux or Volkswagen Amarok
    anyone using either and what's your opinion

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    Would it not be a good move to wait a while, when the Defender finally stops production here prices may shoot up ?

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    You had a good look at the ranger Steve.
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    Not really considered the ranger. Had the navarra.

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    I have a Hilux Invincible 3.0 D4D and it is superb,I did have an L200 before and although very good the Hilux knocks it into a cocked hat mate,you wouldn't go wrong going for one.


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    hi ive had 2 amarocks both good motors plenty of room in the cab.Not enough room in the cab of a toyota for me.

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    I've got a Amarok at the moment and am going to trade it in for the new hilux when it's available sometime early 2016. The Amarok is a good pickup but mines had to many problems.( erg valve.leaking doors.poor handbrake,bad to get in low box).The reasons for going for the hilux are the lower price,3500kg towing limit and the BASC discount deal.

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    I've had 2 Amaroks - 2011 Manual and current 2013 8 Speed Auto.

    Early (2011) Amaroks were rushed onto the UK market and the Highlines in particular were cobbled together with things like aftermarket parking sensors and alarms rather than genuine VW components. Some gearbox issues also reported.

    Current 8 speed ZF auto 'box Amaroks are a dream to drive even off-road - like a Golf on steroids and the only vehicle I've driven long distances and felt like going further, (Devon to Glencoe non-stop). I tried most of the other manufacturer's offerings at the time VW swapped mine over just in case and they didn't come close. Two years later and some newer models are coming to market but in your position I'd get a short list together and give them a good back to back drive before deciding.

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    I thought the VW pickups were made by Toyota, or were they made under license in Germany?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    I thought the VW pickups were made by Toyota, or were they made under license in Germany?
    That was way back in 1989. The VW Taro was a re-badged Toyota and done as an excercise for both companies benefit - VW didn't have a pickupo, Toyota wanted more european market penetration.

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