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Thread: reloading gear for .223

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    reloading gear for .223

    Kinetic Hammer
    Sinclair loading tray 08-4150
    Imperial Dry Neck Lube
    Imperial sizing wax
    Lee primer with two trays
    No 4 shell holder for above
    No 4 die press shell holder
    Redding No5 Powder trickler
    Lee primer pocket cleaner
    Sinclair comparator body
    Sinclair comparator 22 insert
    Forster deburrer
    Sinclair Saturn .22 funel
    Sinclair flash hole delux deburring tool
    Sinclair handle for above
    Sinclair primer pocket uniformer small
    Sinclair handle for above
    one large MTM Case Guard Box
    One small MTM Case Guard Box

    Attachment 57964Attachment 57996

    I will try to sell complete

    100 posted. or swap for an AIM Range mat
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