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Thread: Reloading Odds & Sods

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    Reloading Odds & Sods

    Thought i would list a few bits while raking around in the loading room.

    .292 Forster Cryo bush (BNIP) - 10 posted (added 2x to my cart by accident!)
    .243 Hornady Modified Case - 9 posted (bought one as i forgot i had one already!)
    .22-250 Nosler Custom Brass - (BNIB) - 50 posted (RRP 61.50 if you can get it + P&P)
    6x 50 ex-mil round holders. 15 for the lot posted. See pic below. SOLD

    2x Boxes (100 per box) of 6.5mm 140gn Berger VLD (hunting) - SWAPPED
    2x Boxes (100 per box) of 7mm 140gn Berger VLD (hunting) - Consider swap for 7mm 140gn+ SPs eg. Sierra GKs, Hornady SPs etc.

    2x tubs of H4895 available to SWAP ONLY for H4350

    Would also consider swap of any of the above for 6.5mm 140gn Amax, 7x64 brass or 6.5x284 brass

    Any questions, post them on the thread..

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    why do you have to be in yorkshire?!!
    Every time i want something, it turns up in yorkshire!

    Im after some Berger Hunting) 7mm 140gr VLD's but cant find them for love nor money.

    Oh well. good luck with your sale.


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    Forgive the dull question - 22.250 Nosler brass - quantity - 100? Interested if so.
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    50 im afraid EtR. I used it a lot with my 7mm08 and also use it on my .22-250 now and find its consistency as good as Lapua. I concur its not cheap stuff though.

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