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Thread: Another interesting cull buck

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    Another interesting cull buck

    One of my outings filmed in late May. Plenty of deer about, but mainly young and nothing worth pulling trigger. I saw only one interesting buck, couple of weeks before, but never managed to get the shot. I went to check the same area again and this time had more luck.
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    Another good vid Greg, you know how to make a stalker jealous showing off all your deer!

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    Another great video Greg. Keep them coming they are a pleasure to watch............scott

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    What a super video, particularly interesting to see the shot reaction. Makes Poland look a very attractive destination!
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    So Greg, what is the animal on the video around the 28/29 second mark on the left of the screen? Doesn't look like a deer to me.

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    Interesting that all the heads I could see had the same curved-back look of the one shot.

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    Another interesting head again greg,,well done atb doug,

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    Good video once again Greg, is that some kind of big cat at the beginning of the video?

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    My point indeed Shadrach. Looks like a big cat to me. Look at its tail.

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    Iain, it was a cat.
    Thanks all for your comments

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