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Thread: .224 53g vmax heads for some powder

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    .224 53g vmax heads for some powder

    Hello all, I've got a box of 91 53g vmax that's of no use to me. I'm hoping someone who wants them could possibly trade me for a small amount of power that's not vhit 133. The powder needs to be suited to either 50g b.t ( nosler/vmax) or 55g soft points( sako/hornady etc).
    im looking really for a hogdon powder- cfe223, blc2, benchmark etc..
    im not looking for a vast amount just enough to do some load testing with a few different heads.

    Obvisley this will need to be a face to face swap. I travel all over Scotland and Cumbria due to work, so I'll be able to meet anyone who's willing to help.

    Drop me a line if your interested


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    I have a small selection of powders for my .222: reloader7, H4227, Tubal2000, V120 and V140 (+V133) ; if you fancy trying some of them please let me know. I'm up in Dundee.

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    Thanks very much for the offer mate. I've looked on the web and unfortunately I don't think any of your powders are what I'm after.
    hopefully someone else may have what I'm after, but I do appreciate your offer.

    atvbm!... Ray

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    Sorry. I meant Reloader 15 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shotgun572013 View Post
    Sorry. I meant Reloader 15 .
    Cheers mate, but again not what I'm after. Very much appreciate the offer tho.


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    I've h380 and varget if that's any good

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    If varget was more readily available I'd take you up on that. H380 is no good for me tho.

    Thanks for the kind offer all the same.


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    Hiya, I have Viht N135, Hogdons H335, Varget and BCL-2 , not got much BCL2 left tho , I'm still experimenting myself... , any of these good for you??

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