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Thread: Minox Binoculars Opinions

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    Minox Binoculars Opinions

    Hi folks.

    I am thinking about getting at set of Minox 10x43 HG bino's. These will be used mostly to assist with varminting and typically longer range shooting
    I have managed to look through a set and they seemed excellent - But TBH, I couldnt really have a proper look , as I was viewing from a shop doorway.

    Anyway - I am looking for any feed back from users - good or bad. Are they worth paying the extra money over the cheaper Minox range ?

    Of if there are any other recomendations - I have around £600 to spend. (max)

    Kind regards

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    Alan, I had a recommendation from a very good friend, mentor and fellow stalker for the Minox 8.5 x 52 HG.
    Fantastic all round, superb at first and last light wouldn't swap them !

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    Very pleased with mine. I haven't used the lower priced ones but the top end ones compare with zeiss and the likes.

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    I don't think you will ever be sorry you bought Minox as they punch well above their weight and are at an excellent place on the price/performance graph. I tested them against one of the bigger names and to our amazement found the Minox was slightly better at last light, we were able to pick the stags out from the hinds at last light by finding antlers and after we could no longer see the antlers with the Swaros. I use the 8.5X43 HGs myself and for UK stalking, often sika in dark forestry in low light, I've never seen any reason to "upgrade" them to anything else.

    However with a budget of around £600 this would open up the possibility of a 2nd hand pair of one of the big name brands. If you want the best glass then Zeiss is the obvious choice but other brands also have very strong positions in the market. The advantage with buying 2nd hand is that good glass, if bought well 2nd hand, will usually hold its price and so should you come to sell will be worth what you paid for it.
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    Hi there,

    I have had my Minox 8x42BR binoculars for a few years now and can't fault them. Great value for money, very clear glass and pretty rugged. A friend reccomended them to me and I have to say they are spot on!

    Think I paid £130 or so for mine, they have taken a beating and for the price I'm pretty impressed. Haven't tried the more expensive ones but I would find it hard to justify a pair of expensive Ziess or Swaro binos considering I'm not out stalking 365 days a year.

    my advice would be to try a few pairs and see how you find each pair!
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    I just sold my Swaro bins, bought a pair of Minox BL 10x52 HD and banked the £1100 difference... Personally I think they stack up well against any competition, and for the money that you actually pay, I think they are superb!

    Caveat :- Although I know the folks at Minox UK, this was my money, not a freebie
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    hi , I have 2 pairs of the 10x42br,and there great for the money ,think they where £130 from sportsmans . they have excellent warranty .had to send a pair back to factory due to lose of focus (this was maybe to falling of the dash of the truck countless times)minox sent me a brand new set

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    I have the Minox BL 8x44 HD, they are made in Germany. I compared them to the Minox HG 8x42 and Swarovski SLC 8x42 in low light conditions, to my eyes they were slightly brighter than the others, one of my mates has Swarovski rangefinders, he had a look through mine and couldn,t tell the difference, i paid 340 pounds for mine, save yourself some money and get a pair of these you won't be disapointed.

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    Buy them, you will not regret it, Minox Bins are superb, a match for the best out there in my opinion.
    You will have to take them out of my dying hands! I love mine.

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    Thanks Gents.
    I have only heard positive things about Minox.

    I have got a bit of thinking to do on which model to get.

    Thanks for all your comments


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