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Thread: Sika sack (poppins?)

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    Sika sack (poppins?)

    I have a sika sack for sale, I think it was made by poppins but not 100% on that.
    the out her bag is In very good condition, as is the liner apart from one small cut in the liner (this could be taped up quite easily).

    Not been used really, as I prefer to use other means to move the fallow I shoot, and I have a roe sack for the smaller species.

    im asking 50 posted for it, but I really have no idea what it's worth so I will take sensible offers.

    all the best,

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    Hi Mike,

    i have a sika sack made by Poppins and it looks exactly like the one pictured except that my liner is green. I highly recommend them, brilliant piece of kit and offered at a great price.

    Good luck with sale, a bargain for someone.


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