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Thread: Brand new tyres bfg at 265/75r16

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    Brand new tyres bfg at 265/75r16

    I've just received 4 bf Goodrich all terrain ko tyres in 265/75r16. These are brand new and still have wrapping on. 380 for the 4. Buyer to collect or can deliver locally to Grimsby/Louth area.

    I ordered 31 10.5 r15 for my hilux and they sent me the wrong size. These r16's that they sent by mistake are actually more expensive at around 115+ a tyre so it's the tyre company who have ballzed up.
    It will cost me to send them back so I thought I'd sell them at the price I paid for them in order to get my money back and let someone benefit from a bargain.

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    Why accept them? Contact them for your proper order and tell them to arrange uplift. Put on a time limit. Ie two week , otherwise you will dispose of them. They don't collect, you have them to sell and your new set if they don't sort it. They refuse, contact your card company.

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    Thanks for the advice there. However they have already taken over a week to get delivered and my tyres need doing asap as they are bald and I mean bald! I just wanted to do someone a favour and get my money back in the process. Whoever buys them will save approx 20quid a tyre off the average price of them new.

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    They are provisionally sold.

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