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    Just joined

    Hi Guys,

    I have just found your great site.

    I've been shooting all my life one way or another and stalking for the last 7/8 years using .243 for quite a time for deer & foxes and more recently 7mm-08 (what a performer ).

    A .308 is being added to the collection any day now.

    I've mostly been after Roe & Fallow, the odd muntjac and red, never seen a CWD or Sika.....just give me time.

    Oh, yeah I reload too, and have been through (most of ) the wildly frustrating stages and have a few nice loads sorted. .223 55g Vmax, .243 95g Nosler BT, 7mm-08 120 & 140g Nosler BT's & 140g Sierra Gamekings. I have some 155g .308 loads made up for testing in the new rifle soon and will most likely settle on a 150'ish g bullet.

    I stalk year round from summer Roe (with those early, early mornings and great sunrises) to winter Fallow (with frozen fingers and dragging the beasties out of the woods in the dark). All in all a really varied sport which I love. Try to keep my skills up to scratch with those pesky foxes, lamping, calling, baiting I try it all, sometimes the plan comes together


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    Hi Andy welcome to the site, looks like you have plenty experience of stalking and rifle shooting. so you'll fit in here easy.

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    Take note all you users of mediocre calibres. This forum will come to be known as "The 7-08 stalkers forum"!

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