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Thread: Sika calf

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    Sika calf

    Very rough video taken with binos in one hand camera in the other of a lovely wee sika calf......)

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    Lovely to see, quite an early one do you think?

    Nice bit of country too.

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    A couple of lovely shots there, but not entirely convinced you are going to get that job with the BBC just yet...
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Early.....? eemm maybe but just goes to show there are no hard and fast rules with this world anymore if ever there was, thanx about the bbc comment I was thinking more ch 4

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    You are right, of course - when I think about it! I know sika have a longer rut than the other species then that has to mean they have a longer period that they drop their calves.
    The calf looked a good few weeks old to me and I've only ever seen sika calves June onwards, mind you I haven't seen that many sika calves to be honest.

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    Apart from the shaky bits that was very nice to watch. Some lovely ground there.

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    Fantastic, well done, great to see.

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