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Thread: Have I been raided by a dormouse (glis glis)?

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    Have I been raided by a dormouse (glis glis)?

    Hello everyone.

    This morning I stumbled upon the wreckage of an overnight raid on my fruit bowl. This is a first. I have had mice nibbling at the stuffing in my sofa, I have had squirrels in the roof gnawing on the electrics, and then all the visitors to the garden. This is something else though. Let me describe the crime scene (see photos).

    The banana has been detached at the stem from the other bananas, dragged along the worktop onto a bar stool, and there stripped on one side with clear rodent gnawing marks.

    ONLY the banana has been touched. Not the lemon, not the bread that was next to it, nothing else, just the banana.

    I could find no tracks or footprints in the various smudges around. At one stage I thought I saw by angling the stool into the light to look at the glare what could have been four claw and pad marks, but just the toe end of the foot, so it could have been a rat of a squirrel, I can't tell, but....

    ... the only access points large enough for a creature that can move a banana like that (so not a mouse) would be where the pipes come from the ceiling into the boiler cupboard, and one electrical cable access above the other kitchen cabinets, but...

    ... there are no paw marks or tracks at all in the dust that has shamefully accumulated up there. No evidence of passage at all.

    Other possibly relevant information: two weeks ago, the big oak tree round the back was pruned at the neighbour's initiative. That weekend, whilst sitting in the kitchen alone one evening, I heard very clear scurrying in the ceiling above the kitchen cabinets that meet the boiler cupboard.

    Now glis glis can apparently climb along smooth vertical surfaces like a gecko. A large portion of their diet is fruit. They live in mature oak trees but will set up camp in attics. And they have been trapped on occasion to the West on London.

    Really what I want you to tell me is that this isn't a rat. I have no idea how the heck whatever this is got in though. But it looks like it was from above where the access is, and whatever it is didn't drag the banana to the floor.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ooh, this is like "CSI London".

    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    trailcam time m8,u dont want ratty in the house or glis glis for that matter .things start knawing on your electrics and leaving urine and faeces for your kids.u know of anyone can lend u a trailcam so u can i.d the blighter.than u can up the anti or as u have a history of "guests" what about a humane trap.poison means they can crawl off n die smelling as they go ..a humane trap means a drop out in the country and no harm done atb
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    There is a trailcam on the worktop pointing at the crime scene, and the remaining banana in the bowl as we speak.

    My wife didn't sleep that well last night and thinks she heard noises in the kitchen around 6am, so just after dawn, which would make sense. But rats are more nocturnal. And again, I think a rat would have had a go at the bread too. Also, that worktop extends about 20cm beyond the kitchen cabinets underneath on all sides bar the wall. So to climb up from below, there're an inverted section unless you go up the wall. Or come down from above. I don't think a rat could climb up the bar stools as they're just on top of a vertical stainless steel shaft that then opens out. A squirrel could probably leap that high though. But again, where would it have come from in the first place, and why only the banana?

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    Clearly a job for the driling.

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    Probably not a doormouse - I don't think they're big enough to move a banana. I have had them nesting in an old disused teapot, and they are really very small and light.

    I would think, in descending order of probability: mouse, rat, squirrel.

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    Sounds like it could well be glisglis. They are right little beggars for all their 'cuteness'. Lots around us. Can cause a startling amount of damage for such little things.
    Their route of access is normally overhanging or close branches. Cleared a 'perimeter' round the farmhouse and once we'd caught those inside haven't had any real problems since.

    I was asked to live trap one that was getting into the sacristy at church (building shared by four denominations) They wanted catch and release, ... till it smashed a statue of a certain young Lady with a baby. Rat traps after that !

    Good luck catching the little hooligans !

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    But there's no way that the tiny mice we have can move a banana... They're not that small though: The edible dormouse is the largest of all dormice, being around 14 to 19 cm (5.5 to 7.5 in) in head-body length, plus a 11- to 13-cm-long tail. It normally weighs from 120 to 150 g (4.2 to 5.3 oz), but may almost double in weight immediately prior to hibernation.

    But then there's also the hazel dormouse which is much smaller.

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    Here is a man in Germany who has managed to photograph exactly what seems to have happened, although he's delighted:

    Unser kleiner Kostgänger - ein Siebenschläfer (Glis glis) by K. Günter Sturm, on Flickr

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    On a positive note:

    you know what to bait the traps with .. wait one night and you'll have your answer

    Only question : Mk4 or Mk6 or just a 'little nipper'

    Any chance of a sweep-stake on this one ?


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