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Thread: Sako 30mm mounts

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    Sako 30mm mounts

    Chancing my arm, before I go and buy a new set.

    Has anyone got the bottom section of a 30mm Sako high mount lying around?

    I am a doofus, editing this, its the bottom section of a MEDIUM mount...cheers!

    My .243 has started throwing shots high, when I checked, one of the threads has stripped on the rear mount......if anyone has a spare I would like to buy it, help please!!

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    Got a blued set for a sako 75 .243 sitting here in East Lothian. I was hoping to sell them with the low 1" rings attached though.

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    Hiya, I was only really looking for the bottom part of a mount, not the bases or the rings. I think the low mount wouldn't allow me to get the clearance on the scope. I have the higher one fitted. Thanks though!! Was just on the off chance that someone had a spare, otherwise I will buy a new/second hand pair of mounts.....

    Was just looking on the net, its the medium mount I am after, not a high!
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    Anybody help at all? Or is it time to dip the wallet again for a new set....?

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    Cheapest I found (with stock) was Bushwear. Ain't cheap are they?!

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    No they are not, but usually they dont fail! It was Bushwear that I was going to, to get them ordered....

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